WALK OF SHAME-a very good fun Movie.

WALK OF SHAME-is a very funny Movie. It will grab you as you try to help her. Yes. You’ll want to help her. It’s Showing on NETFLIX right now. My wife and I both enjoyed this Movie and you will too. I hope you get to watch it.

Meghan (Elizabeth Banks) is an aspiring news anchor in the cutthroat world of Los Angeles television. After an audition for her dream job ends in failure, she goes out for an uncharacteristic night of partying. The next morning, she awakes in a stranger’s bed and hears a phone message from her agent telling her the job is hers if she can make it across town by 5:00 pm. Stranded in an unknown area without money, phone or transportation, she races to the most important interview of her life.

Release date: May 2, 2014 (USA)

Director: Steven Brill

Starring: Elizabeth Banks; James Marsden; Gillian Jacobs; Sarah Wright OlsenMusic by: John Debney

Box office: $8.1 million

Produced by: Sidney KimmelTom RosenbergGary Lucchesi

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