THE BIG THREE! Why there are Worker Shortages!

1. Getting Covid! 2. Dying from Covid! 3. Fear of bringing Covid Home to a Loved One! These are The Big Three! This is the Truth!

Not Stimulus Checks or Unemployment Benefits!

Recently, I listened to a Chinese woman say that Government Paying to Keep Workers Stay Home. We need Workers. But no one come to Apply. No one want to work. Americans too Lazy People. And then I told her the Big Three. And explained that People Do No Want To Die or see their Loved Ones Die.

And I told her the Stimulus Packages were done to Keep America Afloat. People used that money and purchased things that kept our Economy Going. Otherwise, America would have spiraled into a Super Depression of untold Magnitudes.

But let’s look at the Facts! Get Real! This COVID-19 PANDEMIC is now worse than the 1918-1920 Spanish Flu. We’ve done blown the Doors off that one. And we haven’t even gotten into Winter yet. In November, we’ll be barely entering the 2nd Year since this Virus was First discovered in China.

Constant Negative Worker News is another reason why people are leaving and have Quit the Market all together. And more Employers offer No Job Security. None at all. Restaurants cannot Guarantee a worker any work beyond Just One Week. They can’t.

Lack of Benefits is another reason of Why Stay?

But not everyone feels or most people are not feeling 100% Safe even with getting both doses of a Vaccine because of the BREAKTHROUGH CASES and Deaths. But what People fail to see is that these numbers of Breakthrough Cases are so very tiny compared to the entire population.

I also told her that people are not wanting to work in Restaurants! Period! Not as many as before the Pandemic. And a Job with less contact with the Public is preferred. Fewer People means fewer possibilities of Catching Covid.

And with 71 Million Americans not getting Vaccinated. We are condemned to Fate. Fate will decide what Happens to America now. And the Longer this Virus keeps traveling all over the World, the better chances of a Super Variant will become. We’re playing Russian Roulette with this Killer and the Virus is the Bullets. It is no game.

This is a Pandemic Issue! Not a Political Party Issue! Workers have Concerns that are Not Being Addressed! You can’t moralize Work or Worker conditions when the Work Conditions mainly S U C K. The Trash Jobs are left. Not the Great Jobs. Not the Good Jobs.

And they’ve done such a Great Job of Killing Worker Unions that Workers no longer feel that their Concerns are being Heard. When you feel betrayed, why Work?

And nothing that anyone can say will be the Game Changer. This is a lot like people are just going to have to experience it for themselves before they can see the Big Picture. People are not chumming-up to buying a House.

When the President of the United States PLEADS with all Americans and 71 million won’t come forward and get Vaccinated, what’s left to do? Just think How many Vaccines we took growing up? And with Texas Governor Abbott obeying Trump at every corner to make life in the Whitehouse as unbearable as possible is Scooge-Land Old Miser Tactics. But attacking Biden weekly and Senator Cruz too is so unlike anything we’ve ever seen. It is barbaric. It is sickening.

And as a United States Army Armor Crewman, I got hit with a bunch of Vaccines before traveling Overseas to my Deployment. Did we fight them? We were Soldiers and we Manned-Up! But many in this Country have never Manned-Up! Never had to because they are SCARED of going into the Military, Police, Fire Department, Ambulances and more. They are weak boned. Less than 1% of Americans join the Military. But they’ll run to the rescue to Attack a Fellow American like Fire-ants.

But I served my Country for All Americans with no reservations about anyone. Until my Old Age, I had no idea that we had so many Fools living here with their foolish Beliefs. Strange Beliefs for some. Crazy stuff for others. But I SERVED just like millions of my fellow Vets did as well. We did it not Judging YOU! We had our hands busy in unbelievable Training. A COMBAT MOS has No Down Time. They got to be Ready all the time.

But I’m not going to drag anyone by their show laces to get a Vaccine. Nor will I Wet-Noodle Shame them. But in all real thought, this Vaccine is maybe the most important Thing a person can get for Ourselves, but also for each other.

That “Each Other” is something important to me. Doing something for Each Other. That’s the Big Picture. Being and doing something Greater than ourselves. For another Human Being that you may never ever K N O W. But you do it because You Care. We Care.

Caring for each other has hit a low point in America because all of that Lockdown appears to have Unlocked the Neanderthal Gene in millions where they Are Broken NOW. And the Neanderthal person DOESN’T Care about ANY One!

We could now be facing the DARTH VADER WINTER of Covid Deaths. 71 Million will help with that.

But who Cares? Why Plead with People? They Do what they Want to Do! With Governors as Jackals leading the way, we are so screwed as a Nation. When you cannot get a person to Wear a MASK on a Flight, 85% of Attendants have now been involved in these face to face Violent Confrontations on an Airplane while in Flight.

Man, that is INSANE! America is going Insane because of Cell Phones spreading all of this in Real Time. People are Giving-Up! There is Gloom ahead.