NEWS-an unrelenting Recycle Factory!

Today’s News you Read Today may be the same Old News you Read last month. But presented by a different Reporter and maybe on a different News Source. Sadly, MOST PEOPLE only remember News for Two weeks unless it affects them directly. But many don’t know that because they let Their Phone tell them what to read and who to get it FROM. But there is danger in too much News and the Wrong News.

Crazy People out there listen to Crazy Wild Stories and their phones locate Other Nut Broadcasts to Hook them up with. Keeping the Crazies under Control. That’s how they do it. Keep them bouncing all over the place with one Crazy Story after another. And in a few years, the infected person sounds actually so crazy to MOST normal people when they try to have what the crazy person thinks is a normal conversation with them. But it is sheer Craziness. Totally abnormal sounding. Their mind is consumed with Crazy Stories that are driving them insane. They sound like one-eyed Boogie Boys. Their Eyes begin bugging out too! Is this YOU?

Do a Reality Check!

That’s why you need to read a good Book. Do crossword puzzles or word searches and quit being so upset by what you read or Listen to all the time. A Nut cannot create another Nut. Yet, they will spend a lifetime trying to. That’s one reason why CRAZY People ARE DRAWN TO EACH OTHER and keep each other Crazy. Yes, They live with each other while

The rest of us are living our lives quite Happily.

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