Recently, I was ON LEAVE from a Project in South America and had just been enjoying an Aggie Football Game while in College Station,Texas when my Pager went off. I ignored it. I didn’t want to be bothered about anything and I was checking the Scores out on the TOP25. Who am I?

I’m a Top Tier Research Scientist with the National Geographic Foundation’s Equatorial Team. I have two PH’Ds. One in Entomology and another in Environmental Science. My Team is on a very important Project in Ecuador and it is providing some amazing Historical Data about Man’s Origin. But enough about me. Ecuador is an exceptionally wonderful Country with refreshing and Kind People.

At 3:32pm, I was Called on my phone in my room at THE STELLA Hotel near the MATUREWELL CENTER in College Station. Texas. It was an old acquaintance from the Texas A&M Faculty. Dr. Parkinson. And his voice had a high degree of Urgency in it. A man whom I had always found quite calm under the hardest of conditions was now uttering words like he was Lost.

Dr. Brown. I have great need of your Help.

What’s going on?

We had an escape of a Deadly South American Hornet that was attacking people in the Scott and White Hospital in College Station, Texas on Rock Prairie Road.

Where did it come from?

Dr. Brown, we had just received it from the Wuhan Lad in China.

A fire extinguisher should do the Trick. Especially a CO2 one.

How many are there?

Just one, Dr. Brown.

That should be easy to catch it or Exterminate it.

No, you don’t understand.

What don’t I understand?

Dr. Brown, Please Sir. You have to come to see it for yourself.

Alright, I’m on my way.

Then I reluctantly put the phone down and shook my head. First, the Covid and Now What from that Wuhan Lab-I thought to myself. A Hornet? One single Hornet?What could be so harmful for Just one Hornet?

Then I picked the phone back UP and Called the Desk to get me a TAXICAB. I quite using UBER when I read about the Crimes their Drivers are committing. I’m not saying nothing. But I didn’t want to give Chance a Chance. Especially on me.

Then in ten minutes, I got a call from the Desk that a car was there for me. In those ten minutes I Wolfed down a PANERA BLT with cheese and avocado and chips and a Dr. Pepper with No Ice. I hate getting Ice with so many places having slime in their Ice Machines. But I had no problems ever with Panera and I loved their food, especially their Warm and Hot Soups. Super Great Soups! And their amazing Chocolate Chip Cookies!

I decided to skip the Elevator and ran down the Fire Stairway. And then I popped the door open on the bottom floor. THE STELLA is an exceptional Hotel to stay at. I love it there.

Then as I walked to the DESK, I saw a young woman in a Bikini looking at me.

Let’s go Doctor.

Who are you?

My father Called me and told me to pick you up ASAP. I was near here in our pool.

Okay. Let’s go.


And soon I was walking behind her I couldn’t take my eyes off of her butt as she walked. Then she said-

Been that long?


You keep looking at my ASS as if you hadn’t been with a woman in a hundred years.

I’m sorry, but what?

Doctor, I can see you in the reflection of the Windows.

I then just shook my head. BUSTED! GUILTY AS CHARGED! I was looking at her bottom. But I hadn’t seen the opposite sex up this close in three years. The Dig in Ecuador was my daily grind.

Then we got into her Mini-Cooper and off we went as the little maniac went racing off to the Hospital. It seemed like 5 minutes but it actually was six when we got there.

And then at the EMERGENCY ROOM ENTRANCE, there was at least a dozen Cop Cars and Three Ambulances and Three Fire trucks.

Then as I got out of the small car, I saw my friend Who was wearing a Fire Suit with the Helmet in his Hand. His other hand was waving in a frantic for me to come to him. And I walked and then jogged up to him.

Quick! Get into a Fireman’s Suit and come with me. So. With the help of two Firemen, I got completely suited up for a real fire fighting suit. Then I felt a Pat on my Back as I heard the air getting turned on.

You Got 18 minutes if you don’t P A N I C.

Then I turned to my friend.

Let’s go!

And into the Hospital Hallway we walked. Then to the left inside was the entrance to the EMERGENCY ROOM.

And we walked into the room.

Then all over the place, it looked like a battleground with everything imaginable was on the Floor and individual ER Room Curtains had been yanked down. And the Blood all over the Floor was unbelievable. You could see where footsteps had slid through it as well.

Do you see it? And my friend pointed to the Ceiling in the 3rd ER Room.

Then I saw the strangest Hornet ever. It was hanging down by its feet from the Ceiling. And it had no Hornet wings. It had real wings, Bird Wings. But the Head looked like the Head of a Beaver. But the Teeth were a lot longer. Maybe three inches long. And more like Dracula Teeth. It looked extremely vicious. Very scary.

But those Green Glowing Eyes were fixated on mine. And I could feel it’s Cold Wanting, Needing Look deep inside of me. It sent chills to the bone inside of me… Then my body shook twice with Shivers.

What the Hell?

What the Hell is exactly correct? Dr. Brown.

How much does that damn thing weigh?

Sixteen pounds.

SIXTEEN POUNDS? WTH? That’s Crazy? How the Hell did those Chinese Create that?

That’s why I called you. Maybe you could enhance our knowledge about how this could be done. You told me that that you worked on Gene-Splicing in a Government Project 20 years Ago.

Yes. But the Project was abandoned after 30,000 Dead Embryos brought NO successful births. They were like Abortions without the Doctor. But that wasn’t our Goal. Successful Births creating New Species was our Goal.

Well, I was part of that Project too and the Head told me three years Ago that a Chinese Researcher had Violated Protocols and Stole a Copy of all of that Research. But looks like China has successfully created a very dangerous New Species.

Damn, we were there trying to do something Good and That Wuhan Lad has tried to Create a Weaponized Insect.

That’s No Insect. THAT IS NO HORNET! That’s a Mammal Hanging upside down up there. A very Deadly Mammal.


Are you trying to Kill it or Catch it?

I want to Kill it and the College and Government want it Alive. Can you Help me?

Why me?

I figured with all of your National Geographic Studies in all of those Jungles that you’d seen all over the World you’d seen something Odd like this and knew how to Catch something like this.

Catch something like that? Hell. I’m still trying to figure out what that IT is. What in the World was I seeing? I’ve never seen a Bat like this Ever. The wings are too large like that of a Bird. And the Teeth are way too large for any Bat. I began thinking.

When did it get here?

Yesterday in a Lab on Campus and just after they put a TRACKER on it, it quickly bit six Students and Three Researchers and then flew out an Open window. Then this Morning. It flew into the ER. It’s killed all it bites.

Is this the Thing that Bit Sixty-Eight people in a restroom at Kyle Field during the New Mexico-Aggie Game? By the way, the Aggies won 34-0.

The Public hasn’t even been told. How did you find out?

I’ve still got Government Connections.

Well, how can we catch it?

Any idea why it flew in here? Blood?

No, it hasn’t touched any Blood.

What about Fruit? Isn’t there a Cafe place in here?

They got Fruit of some sort.

Send for some and let’s see if that is what it is looking for.

And it was done.

Then I tossed cantaloupe slices on the Ground or on the blood coated floor. IT did not move.

Then I tossed watermelon slices and grapes. That didn’t work. We tried various fruits and no movement. But then I tossed sliced Orange and Lemon Slices.

This worked.

IT was actually quite Graceful as it flew and landed on the Floor.


And then we tossed a large tarp over IT that two other Firemen brought from one of the Trucks. We caught it.

And as soon as we could, we moved it into an animal Container made of Aluminum.

Keep your helmet on. IT spits a Toxic Spit that will kill you in three minutes.

This is INSANE! HOW?

They used Gene-Splicing. Your Research. They succeeded in…

In creating a Demon! IT a Monster! A Devil! But why?

Here’s the worse part of It. It is asexual.

Damn. It can reproduce with no partner.

So, why’d China send it here?

They need Help in Killing Them.


A hundred of them escaped from the Wuhan Lab and they are not Cave Dwellers. They are traveling in a large flock now.

When do they get here?

They’ll be in South America by January 2022.

Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

And then I woke-up and the dream was over….lol