Who Killed GABBY?

They found a Body. It appears to be her Dead Body. It appears to be GABBY Petito. If so, And was she MURDERED? Well, it sure appears to be MURDER unless the Autopsy says otherwise. Too much Strangeness surrounding this one.

But who has a boyfriend? A fiancee? Who will not say a word about her Whereabouts? And the Lawyer said Don’t Say a Word. None. He wouldn’t come forward with Any Word about GABBY. AND WHY? IS HE A STONE COLD KILLER?

Me, I think only the Guilty keep SHUT UP. But the way this entire thing is panning out is just so CREEPY. It reminds me of How CREEPY the

JonBenet Ramsey Crap went down.

JonBenét Ramsey was an American child beauty queen. The daughter of affluent parents, JonBenét was only six years old when she was murdered in her Boulder, Colorado, residence on December 26, 1996. Her murder — which is still unsolved — became one of the decade’s most famous police investigations.

But Gabby gone MISSING won’t be as Famous as the above. But it sure is CREEPY. Isn’t it?

And the Boyfriend or Fiancee is DISAPPEARED? WTH? How much stranger does it get? So many questions still remain. Is he Running? Did he have financial Help to RUN? Parents do help their kiddos. Even when Kids are Lying and they let Their Heart step in the way of lashing out at their Kid who is lying.

It’s all like an Episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE or ALFRED HITCHCOCK. But in REAL life. I don’t like it when a Killer keeps Quiet until they take the Death Penalty off the Table. But hey, looks like they found her Body and that means the Killer ain’t got nothing to trade. So, might be that the Death Penalty is on the Table. But I don’t know nothing for sure, do you?

I worked DEATH ROW in Texas and those guys waiting to Fry were some Creepy Folks. But that was back when they Fried a Fool in the Electric Chair. FRIED HIM TILL HE DIED FOR HIS MURDERS.

But if it is Gabby’s Body and he killed her, what should he get? What satisfaction do you DEMAND? Me, I’m not saying cause it’s just so hurtful and so upsetting.