THE 7TH DAWN-a very, very good Movie!

This is a great Movie. A very, very good Movie. A very, very interesting Movie. But it also shows how PEOPLE are USED to fit a CAUSE. And how Foreign Governments just don’t get it. When they want their Independence, LOOK OUT. So, it’s time to pop some Popcorn and Enjoy!

After World War II, Ferris (William Holden) remains in Malaya and becomes a successful businessman. He enjoys a quiet existence with his Malayan girlfriend, Dhana (Capucine), although a politician’s daughter named Candace (Susannah York) also fancies him. Soon, Ferris encounters a man named Ng (Tetsuro Tamba), who served with him during the war and is now a communist committed to revolution for the guerillas. After Dhana is arrested, Ferris makes a deal to track down Ng in order to save her.

Initial release: September 2, 1964

Director: Lewis GilbertStarring: William Holden; Capucine; Tetsurō Tamba; Susannah York

Music by: Riz Ortolani

Adapted from: The Durian Tree

Cinematography: Freddie Young