CLIMATE CHANGE is Causing a Texas Border EMERGENCY!

Yes indeed! Most Migrants slamming into the LOGJAM at the Texas Border is a Direct Result of CLIMATE CHANGE!

CLIMATE CHANGE? You Bet! Floods, Droughts, and Hurricanes and Earthquakes are driving Migrants to the Southern Border of the United States at an alarming Pace. An alarming Rate! A furious Rate indeed.

Climate Change is HERE! These Migrants are the PROOF. There is No Secret Evidence Needed. It’s right in everyone’s face on TV, Radio, And the Internet. Oh yes. newspapers are well. All are Reporting the Desperate Plight of these Migrants but NOT THE REAL Reason for them smashing into the WALL.

Did the Blood Moon Warn Us?

It is Climate Change! Yes, it is. Do your Research and you will find the very things that I mentioned as Factual and Not a HOAX. We are living in a Pandemic with a Climate Change raging out of Control as well. Two Human killing Events at the Same Time!

DON’T make that frowning face and say this can’t be taking place. What more do you need to see? Hurricanes And Wildfires are out of Control all over the Earth. And New Volcanos are all adding to the Plight of Man. Maybe in His Last Days. That’s right. Maybe there aren’t 25 or 50 or 100 or 200 years LEFT. Maybe it is ONLY Days? And what are you going to do?

Talk about a miserable Immigration Problem this Climate Change has caused. The Texas Border is being hit like Never before by People fleeing Famine, Gang Violence, and No Jobs. And they have left friends and loved ones to get here. But there getting here is Swamping the Boat here. Our System to take care of Immigrants and the like is Overburdening even the Best Laid Plans. Afghanistan Refugees and The Recent Hurricane? Too Many all at once. And tons more are Coming! Del Rio, Texas is being swamped! It’s incredible and it’s causing a


Who are they?

  1. Mexicans from Mexico.
  2. South Americans from different South American Countries.
  3. Haitians from Haiti.
  4. Africans from Africa-all Countries.
  5. Europeans denied Entry.
  6. Cubans from Cuba.