POINT DEFIANCE-a strange haunting Psychological Thriller.

Talk about a Surprising Movie. This one will take you on the Ferris Wheel and then throw you onto a Roller Coaster before it Ends. It is a psychological thriller. And I’m not going to take the trip away from you that you must take.

A Brother on an ankle bracelet is living a solitary life waiting for his time to End and regain his Freedom. But they never tell you How Long he has to be on it. But it doesn’t matter.

Suddenly, the War Hero Brother returns and you get to thinking that he has gone AWOL. And suddenly, the brother who seemed normal starts to doing strange things. Hauntingly strange things. Disturbing strange things.

And when the Escort Hooker is called, that’s just the beginning of something very odd. And then, you are put on a fast tracked Roller Coaster and you’re gonna have to finish the entire ride just to see what Happens next. Lol.

The Acting is excellent and they play their parts very well. Great Story line, Directing and everything that went into this Movie is very good. But are you going to be put on a ride? Or what? The man who plays the Soldier needs to be in more Action type Movies! But can you play your part and Watch all of it till the very END? Or will you be too scared?