A Nuclear Attack on Afghanistan or Getting the Hell Out were Trump’s Only Options!

Use Nuclear Weapons to End the War in Afghanistan or simply L E A V E. 20 years was long enough. He made the right Decision. He did. And Biden followed thru with the Trump-Taliban Agreement. It was the Correct Decision.

Killing 11 Million is an unacceptable Decision. Getting out was the correct move and that’s a Fact. The Neverending War had to End and There could Not be a NEVERENDING EXIT at Kabul Airport. Wasn’t acceptable. Every day there we risked the Lives of more Americans and our Allies and Americans by other Suicide Bombers. We had to leave.

And no one has the right to Now Armchair their Own EXIT Plan as being so damn much better than How our Brave Military evacuated Allies and Americans. Politicians claiming that they could have done all if it so much better turns my stomach.

To attempt to STEAL VALOR and the Bravery that did become very apparent by these Brave Men and Women and Making the Hard Calls to Make all of it Happen was Called Out by President Biden. He made the Decision to Get Allies and Americans out and He Ordered 6000 American Troops in and not the ones now attacking President Biden. They only Watched like all if 🇺🇸 did. But did you Pray for them? Do you Pray for them every day? For yourself? Our getting out-

It got done and that is how it went down.

AFGHANISTAN was supposed to be able to DEFEND itself. But it’s Obvious that they have an Incredible FEAR for the TALIBAN-MILITIA! And they laid their guns down and ran away.

But the Military and the Biden Administration Planned for just such a scenario if if did take place. And it did. Afghanistan went down in lightning speed.

And America did a very good thing and because of a SUICIDE BOMBER, Political Power Playing Politicians are attacking President Biden and saying they could have done it better. I don’t think so and I hate all the Politicians playing Politics all the time like they are THAT IMPORTANT.

I don’t think so. I don’t believe it.

One good point, but still very sad is that At Least we didn’t lose over 50,000 of Our Brave Armed Forces Members there. Like in Vietnam.

If you were not around to see how Our Vietnam Exit Went down, I know how you are feeling. It’s a Gut Check for sure. But Our Leaving and Ending Both of those Wars was the right thing to do.

Prayer and Time helps heal. Like millions of others who lost friends and family in Vietnam, it will always hurt. My Hurt has never gone away. And yours mist likely won’t either. But keep on Living. Move on.

I still believe a FULL COMPREHENSIVE AFGHANISTAN WAR COMMISSION needs to be created to answer two QUESTIONS-

  1. Where did the Money go?
  2. Why did the Politicians in CONGRESS KEEP Our Troops in Afghanistan for 20 Years?

These are two Questions that need answering and Now while PEOPLE are still alive who can answer them. Grill CONGRESS! Get the Answers! Start an Investigation immediately.

In 90-180 Days, Male and Female Prostitution and Opium Sales will be the biggest way AFGHANS will pay for any goods or food. Some will buy a meal with Bullets. Maybe 50-100 Bullets for a bowl of porridge. It will be very quickly a defeatist mindset for the non-Taliban population. Kabul will become another Sodom and Gomorrah. In the days ahead, the TALIBAN-MILITIA will begin Door to Door Searches for those they deem requiring ISLAMIC punishment and to STEAL all Valuables and Food.