LIARS have Serpentine Tongues unless you’re Microsoft. There’s is much Worse!

Youngsters DON’T have a Clue what has taken place before. The past I lived. Too many just want something NEW like a new Cell Phone. But the Old Crowd remembers! We have not forgotten. I started with something like a 186. Then I bought a 256SX. Now, I’m on my 4th COMPUTER!

In 2015-

“Right now we’re releasing Windows 10, and because Windows 10 is the last version of Windows, we’re all still working on Windows 10.” That was the message from Microsoft employee Jerry Nixon, a developer evangelist speaking at the company’s Ignite conference this week. Nixon was explaining how Microsoft was launching Windows 8.1 last year, but in the background it was developing Windows 10. Now, Microsoft employees can talk freely about future updates to Windows 10 because there’s no secret update in the works coming next. It’s all just Windows 10. While it immediately sounds like Microsoft is killing off Windows and not doing future versions, the reality is a little more complex. The future is “Windows as a service.”

And we bought that as The Honest Truth! But the truth for me is that Microsoft has attempted to hijack my Own Computer and put Microsoft Office And 365 in over and Over. And I DELETE IT EVERY TIME! And their Updates attempted to Force me to Use Microsoft EDGE as my Browser. On almost every UPDATE. But it’s all about Money. They can Sell more on EDGE.

Microsoft in Microsoft Office 365 takes your STAND ALONE WORD and as you type Or hit the keystroke, it goes to Microsoft and then back to your Computer. They are Reading everything everybody writes. It’s CREEPY! ITS CROOKED! And as you typed, it slowed your writing down to First Grader Level. But who needs Big Brother sitting on your Shoulder? Watching everything we do. It’s gotten creepy.

It discouraged me from writing any more Books! But so did the Pandemic. Then writing on my Blog has helped me keep busy.

And after many Reports that there wasn’t another Platform after Windows 10 ever coming out, they now Announce WINDOWS 11. And honestly, I fear letting Microsoft touching my Computer again. I worry on every Update.

2015-2021 and now they Announce WINDOWS 11!

And like all the previous Platforms, Microsoft will cut off all Updates by a certain time. Thus forces you and everybody else to make the Switch. We are being Held like Hostages. At least, Our Computers are. Another Major Platform could put a Hurt on Microsoft just like AMAZON did to Wal-Mart.

Microsoft says it will stop supporting Windows 10 in 2025, as it prepares to unveil a major revamp of its Windows operating system later this month. When Windows 10 was launched, Microsoft said it was intended to be the final version of the operating system. Okay, so they Lied.

And if my own past experiences comes back to haunt me, Microsoft will Force you to begin Using Microsoft WORD to send all your Key Strokes to the Mother Ship and then back to your Computer. And put Microsoft EDGE as your Browser. And don’t forget the sneaky $$$ hidden Costs. What are they planning to hit us on that? Like Microsoft Office or 365 did.

I bought a “Stand Alone” MICROSOFT WORD and then this year, an Update hit my computer and DAMMIT! MICROSOFT COMPLETELY MADE IT USELESS until I bought an UPDATE for the MICROSOFT WORD program on my Computer. I felt like I was punished for dropping OFFICE And 365. And I argued and told the Microsoft Technician how pissed I was. An UPDATE for my writing program I use? It COST ME ALMOST $75 DOLLARS! $73. PURE BULLSHIT! Totally unfair. You buy the Program and then they BURN you on an Update. Are they starving for Money that much?

AND I COULD NOT UPDATE WORD UNLESS I USED MICROSOFT EDGE!!! Extra BULLSHIT! Total Madness. And the Tech repeatedly tried to get me to purchase Microsoft 365. No Thank You!

Techs on Super Fast Fiber Optics are not remembering a great many people who have slow Internet Still to this Day. If the Government and Microsoft cared. They’d get everyone on Fast Speed Internet. But not in BRAZOS COUNTY TEXAS! We got HUGHESNET and it’s the best we can get.

Microsoft plans to release Windows 11 to the general public on October 5, but fans can get at least a taste of it now if they really can’t wait. Windows 11 is just around the corner and will be available in the northern hemisphere’s fall/autumn season, in line with previous Windows 10 feature updates.

Creepy Time isn’t it? Microsoft doesn’t realize How Pissed Off People are when it comes to New Platforms coming out. They think we’ve forgotten the Past. Guess what? We haven’t forgotten. And each New Windows Platform quickly made PEOPLE no longer lovers of Microsoft. I’m one of them. You Update to the New WINDOWS and then we are the Test Guinea Pigs and we find out What DOESN’T WORK any longer. Which programs are no longer working. And then they’ll Sell you an Update for that too.

If you’ve been along for the ride from the Very First WINDOWS and the ancient floppy days and using DOS, you know exactly what I’m talking about. All of us got to be Happy about one thing and sad about other things. Buying another Computer was and is Upsetting.

But, The MASSIVE AMOUNT of Crap each New Windows took to work basically made some computers OBSOLETE! Suddenly, how many times with a New Windows Platform did your Computer become basically disabled by super slow speeds? Or it FROZE altogether? Made them SLOWER THAN A SNAIL or they FROZE-UP COMPLETELY! I’ve got two Computers that are Useless now, but I keep them for the pictures on them. Windows got Better and each new one took TOO MUCH OPERATING POWER. And made some Computers USELESS. And I’m not liking that at all.

Who’s ready to purchase a New Computer? How much will WINDOWS 11 slow down our Computers this time? How Slow? And why the WINDOWS 10 LIE? What information will Microsoft be spying on from your Computer with WINDOWS 11? And with most Microsoft employees working from Home, who’s willing to Rock the Boat at Microsoft? None of them and we may get STUCK again with no matter how slow our Computers become and what Programs are not going to function properly after installing WINDOWS 11?

Big Tech is like Big Gov. Neither can be trusted…