Was MARS the First Planet to fall Victim to an Interstellar War?

Forget Nukes. Weapons beyond man’s relative understandings do Apply. Weapons far greater than anything we might ponder. Weapons to vaporize an entire Planet?

Is there Water on MARS? I don’t think so. It got Vaporized. And as you look thru these images, are there telltale signs of Massive Weapons Usage? Maybe just One Weapon of Dark Matter. But going to MARS is a test of Ball Sack Bravado. And nothing more.

And these fools planning on colonizing the Moon better stay here on earth. Just ONE MISTAKE, one Accidental Explosion by a nuclear reactor and when you change the Moon and it’s Orbit, guess what?

It changes here on Earth as well. And that will kill all of us.

So NIX COLONIZING THE MOON AND MARS. Spend that Money on fixing Earth.