Precious Water is disappearing faster than its being replenished in TEXAS! Texas is in Danger!

Near Sweetwater Texas, there was a farmer who regularly planted crops of Cotton and Peas. But then, his water wells died up. The previous life giving water from his Wells was gone. And my father working with the Government as a Soil Scientist told me that the Water was next coming back because the Ground had collapsed after the water was taken out. Never coming back. And that was early 1970’s and late 1960’s.

Lake Mead is drying up and so will the Colorado River and Lake Buchanan and Inks Lake and other lakes depending on that River’s flow. California’s fruits and vegetables will disappear too.

Parts of America are going into the worst Droughts of this Century. And lots of other impacts will hit the economy. Water Conservation must begin IMMEDIATELY! Otherwise, it will be sponge baths in lots of Areas.