Will Full Stadiums lead to a Total Collapse in Healthcare?

Sporting, Campuses, Parties, and more Events could actually bring about a full collapse in America’s Healthcare System. A Total Breakdown! Here where I live, There hasn’t been a Single ICU BED available for OVER A MONTH! And I live just miles from Kyle Field.

I’m thinking all the Cases now are from July 4th Weekend and the spinoff from that. But with Everyone Partying like there isn’t a Tomorrow-Eat, Drink, Be Merry, for Tomorrow we shall Die. Be Mean, who Cares?

People are out and about and no one is willing to take a second or two and Mask–Up. Mask? What’s that?

But while the Party continues, more Morgue Trailers are being Ordered. Everywhere! The lack of ICU BEDS is scary. That is the one Factor that I have always kept a close eye on since November 2019. And it is the True tattletale on How We are Doing. And Brother, we are taking a closed Eye to the Death Machine still ramping up for Winter.


Death is coming.

And there’s nothing anyone can say now. Road Rage, Airline Passenger Fight Contests, so, what is next?

Forget the Voices from Washington, you and most everyone quit listening to them last year. Stopped listening and Stopped Caring.

People are extremely Mean and Bitter now. And they show Hate everywhere. Get to your needs and Get the Heck Out or they’ll move you. A time of such utter contempt for even being Alive is everywhere.

Old people I know are now Meaner than a Rattlesnake burning in Gasoline. They are plum filled up with HATE. And they have others keeping them that way. Like an evil Troll poking a Bag of Pus. And these Pokers can’t even see what they have BECOME.

But before 2022, the Healthcare System will Collapse. I believe it True. The ones who could have fixed it were too busy chasing their own Tails with a sign attached to it with the Word-VANITY-attached to it.

Even Older than Dirt Farts are saying How much Gun they are having on Social Media Platforms. Why? Hell, no one wanted to hear from them no more. Let the Old go and crawl up into a shell and die. Ain’t that the way it’s always been. But their being mean only makes young folks tired of them being around. I know. I’m old, but not near the Oldest. And I don’t LIKE most Social Media Platforms. I know Old people who have Hated me ever since the First Day I met them. And they still do. I can’t imagine being in the same Heaven with them. Can you?

Did you know that 87% of people have LIED and have created FAKE accounts on Social Media Platforms? Lied to get another email address. Another Twitter Account. And 65% were over the Age of 60 who did it.

But why? What Games were they up to? What secret things are they doing? Good or bad ones? I just don’t know, I don’t understand because I’ve never done it. Maybe Alcoholics do it. I don’t know.

But I bet you did and why? It sure sounds like something real creepy to me. I couldn’t trust those people….Can You?