Never Trust the Path of any Country that measures it’s Might by a Military Parade

Who? China. Russia. Any Country that measures Its Military Might by how massive its Military Parade is will not be trustworthy. They rain in their Own Daze. But what China continues to do in regards to Taiwan is pure INTIMIDATION.

The defence ministry said 19 aircraft including fighters and nuclear-capable bombers entered its so-called air defence identification zone (ADIZ).

Taipei has been complaining for more than a year about repeated missions by China’s air force near the island.

China sees democratic Taiwan as a breakaway province, but Taiwan sees itself as a sovereign state.

And the above is important to NOTE. China views Taiwan as a Runaway Railcar that belongs on the China Train. And there is ONLY one End to this Party! Similar to the Taliban-Militia, China’s Military has, over the last decades, gained more and more Voicing at the Dinner Table. And with their Stealing Russia Technology of Weaponry, they are beginning to flex their Intentions. To Control the Stragglers.

First came Hong Kong and their Protests that have completely disappeared with the serious Prison Sentences in a Chinese Prison by the Ringleaders. And that Runaway Railcar was sucked right back onto the Chinese rail track.

But there isn’t much more than a sideshow going on right now in regards to Taiwan. But it could grow larger if other Countries begin meddling in it. And America damn sure needs nothing to do with it. And Taiwan has repeatedly said that they want No Chinese-American War fought on their Island.

Who, I mean Which Idiot Politician will come to the aid of Taiwan? Want to put American Boots back on the ground after 20 years of War that just concluded. Make No Mistake, if dicked with America will fight ya.

Entire 70th Chinese Military Parade-Nothing to FEAR, it’s How they Do Stuff. So,if you’ve Got Two Hours, you can Watch the Entire Event. But It might make you hungry for Chinese Food. Lol. But it is a fun Watch no matter what. And it is a quite serious matter.

But the World needs to Bring Covid under control. That is where the World needs to focus. And not the Chinese Taiwan Clown Show. But China is still feeling all hurt and all over the Covid-19 coming out of its Wuhan Lab. It did and they know it and they are always trying misdirection to escape the punishing eye from the World.

And amazingly, an American Lab is now working on a Vaccine that will protect against all Coronavirus Viruses. So, the future looks promising and as soon as they do have a Proven Vaccine, China will be off the Book in many ways. If rather be watching Chinese Warlord Movies than seeing actual Battles being fought. It’s be Nuclear anyhow. America will NOT go head to head and waste Man for Man with the Chinese. We learned that Lesson in the Korean War. Won’t Happen, We would Nuke if forced to. A Limited Nuclear War is on the Table Today because more and more Americans now regard Hand to Hand Combat wasteful and not worth losing American Lives in that manner.

But let me tell you this. I’ve already developed a Guaranteed Nuclear War Victory in Three Days. I’m talking bringing any Country in the World to their knees in just Three Days with a Strategic Limited Nuclear Strike. It’s wholly possible and not in the realms of Science fiction. But Let’s face the Cold Hard Facts and the World Military Think-Tanks know this as well.

But on the real Note of the Day, the Chinese continue to figure out a way to get its little itty bitty Taiwan Railcar back on the Chinese Track Mainline and off one of the side spurs. And the Taiwanese Railcar just doesn’t want to be put back into the graveyard of all the other Railcars. It’s there Problem. Their Issue. If they USE Military Force, they could be straddled with a Guerilla War that could spread throughout China. And the latter is the most realistic possibility in China Today because China is crushing certain Minorities under their sandals.

And they fear Taiwan being the Match that sets the blaze afire. They were afraid it was going to be Hong Kong, but they got them back under Total and Complete Submission. Well, for now. And no telling How long that will Last. For a while and until that little island decides to buck the rider out of the saddle again.

And like History, it will repeat itself. It will. It always does…