ESPN NEEDS TO BROADCAST OVER THE AIR! They are not Futuristic in Thinking…

Research firm PwC anticipates revenue from media and entertainment will reach an estimated $2.6 trillion by 2023.

But when 49% of the Population has cut the Cable, those TV Stations Broadcasting Over the Air says Two Things-

  1. They are a Major Player. A Major Network.
  2. Their reaching the MOST LOYAL SUBSCRIBERS are the Over the Air Viewers and They Buy the Most Products Advertised! Not the Cable Viewers.

Any TV Station not OVER THE AIR is going to be losing out on the Biggest Advertisements BOOMTOWNS ever!

They Buy Products Advertised Over the Air! And some Con Artist TV Stations are only linking themselves to what People already Hate. They are CUTTING THE CABLE to get away from Locked In, Required Payment Programming!

But if you want Loyalty, then go OVER THE AIR!