SOLDIER OF FORTUNE-a 1955 Clark Gable/Susan Hayward Movie

Man, Clark Gable reeks of Machismo. He’s the Man and the women are spooning over him. And in this Movie. One woman’s desperate search to find her husband opens the Door for THE ROCK STAR OF HOLLYWOOD LOVERS-Clark Gable is the Man. And he never does it wrong. Many a man I remember to this day tried in vain to imitate Clark Gable. This is a pleasurable Movie to watch. So, pop some Popcorn and Enjoy!

Jane Hoyt (Susan Hayward) comes to Hong Kong to find her husband, Louis (Gene Barry), a photojournalist who has been missing for three months. Learning he is being held captive by the Chinese government, she seeks the help of smuggler Hank Lee (Clark Gable), who has a shady reputation for being able to get anything done. Jane and Hank are instantly attracted to each other, but Jane will not abandon her husband. To win her heart, Hank must find a way to rescue Louis.