My most profound Condolences to the Families of Our Dead and Injured U.S. SOLDIERS in Afghanistan. May God Keep You, Your Families, and Our Nation in His Bosom!

Like you, I am hurting Today as you are from the Cowardly Attack upon Our Armed Forces protecting American Citizens and Our Allies in this most Noble Of Courageous Deeds. This is a Highly Dangerous SITUATION. Extremely Dangerous Operation. President Biden has sadly been Warning 🇺🇸 of possible Attacks on Our Troops or Citizens.

Make no Mistake, Our Nation is Mourning right now. And only After our Evacuation, can there be a true reevaluation of Attacking those who have Attacked Us. But we must Remain on Our Mission.

Again, this is a most sorrowful Moment in Our Lives. But as Americans, we must be resolved in finishing this Action of getting all of Our Citizens out of Afghanistan who want to leave. Yet, make it clear now. Some still Do Not Want to Leave and that is their Choice. And we cannot drag them out by their Boot Strings.

Past experience as a Veteran, I am now sick with this painful sickening feeling of hurt. And I know that many of my Brothers and Sisters Veterans are hurting deeply now too. And there Families are too. Being in the Military affects the entire Family of each Veteran. But none as Great as the Families who are going to be told of their Dead children serving in Our Armed Forces.

This is a Day of Pain and I proudly SALUTE each of these fine men and women who are serving in Harm’s Way.

Your Loss is Our Loss. Your Pain is Our Pain. Your Hurt is Our Hurt.

Dear God, Please give warmth to all in this time of Great Sorrow. And please bring Great and Furious Vengeance upon those Who Attacked 🇺🇸. Amen.

Other Attacks may be taking place in Kabul…(SMH)