SCHOOL FOR DANGER-is an excellent Movie of Helping French Resistance keeping going in WWII…

This is one of the most informative Movies of How to get British Agents into France during WWII. And their MISSION?

To help getting French Resistance Started or Re-Started during the War. It was a terrible time. The World at War. Anytime the World is at War is a horrible time. Everyone is searching for Allies. And the French Resistance was one of the very BEST. But how were they supplied and such?

To keep a War Machine lugging along is COSTLY and affects everyone. Affects all the citizens because sacrifices have to made to just feed the Troops and so on.

But I was amazed at the information provided in this Movie. Try putting yourself in their position. It’s very interesting to see the real Aspect and not Hyped-Up Hollywood Dramas.

Pop some Popcorn and Enjoy!


In 1943, “Captain Brown” and “Miss Williams” are recruited and trained to be secret agents (Miss Williams as Brown’s wireless operator). They are then sent to German-occupied France, under the operational names “Felix” and “Cat”, where they organise resistance, carrying out sabotage and helping airmen get back to the UK.

School for Danger (also known as Now It Can Be Told) is a 1947 British docudrama film directed by Teddy Baird depicting the training and deployment of agents of the Special Operations Executive during the Second World War. The film stars real-life SOE agents Captain Harry Rée and Jacqueline Nearne.

School for Danger
Directed byTeddy Baird
StarringHarry RéeJacqueline NearneTeddy Baird
Narrated byHarry RéeJacqueline Nearne
RAF Film UnitCentral Office of Information
Release date11 February 1947 (London)2 June 1947 (UK)
Running time68 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom