SO GOES MY LOVE is a delightfully fun 1946 Movie to Watch.

94% Liked this Movie, yet those who won’t watch a B&W Movie will truly miss out on a wonderfully delightful Hollywood Gem. It’s fun to Watch. But if you do take a moment to Watch SO GOES LOVE, I think you will be one of those who will enjoy this Excellent Movie. It’s got so much to offer the Viewer.

A woman who wants to get married to a strong, wealthy man. And an Inventor who has staked his claim on her from the very first time he lays his eyes on her.

They marry and then the fun begins…and their boy’s first Spanking is so funny. Lord, I remember my grandmother getting a switchboard or tree limb and I felt every lick she put on my butt. It hurt for days.

So get ready to enjoy one of those Times when Hollywood got it right and produced an excellent Film. And both of the two Stars in it are doing their usual wonderful jobs of Acting. And the clothes are perfectly matched and the Music is almost like in a fairytale of delight.

Eccentric British inventor Hiram Maxim (Don Ameche) and his bride (Myrna Loy) raise a son (Bobby Driscoll) in late-1800s Brooklyn.Initial release: 1946

Director: Frank Ryan

Starring: Myrna Loy; Don Ameche

Screenplay: Bruce Manning

Music composed by: Hans J. Salter

Producers: Jack H. SkirballBruce Manning

So Pop some Popcorn and Enjoy!