Is Your Life Story Your Alcoholism?

Carrying fellow Veterans from the Korean Village or an ON BASE Club wasn’t new for me. And I had already been acclimated to Alcoholics before I ever went into the Military. But make No Mistake, The Military isn’t an easy Road to do. It’s fought all the time in training for War and such. Yes, being in a COMBAT MOS wasn’t no easy game. The hand to hand COMBAT sent several to the Hospital. But it was what it was and few are willing to or have the physical or mental hardware to Join the Military. It weren’t for No Babies. No scum allowed either. But Drinking and Alcohol was ACCEPTED. Yes, it was and many a Vietnam Veteran who were sent to Korea for a Tour of Duty spent almost every night into a Bottle of Alcohol. Not all of them, but the COMBAT VETERANS Did. And they had things that they told me that could make anyone Drink or make them to stay DRUNK. But they had earned theirs. Not like Mean Old Persons Drinking and old mean individuals getting Drunk and living their life of Shame. Living A Life of Sin. Sin. Thick in Sin. My Uncles were Alcoholics and one Aunt was too. One Uncle came to visit us in Aspermont when I was a young boy and he got drunk, slept, and left. But I’ll never forget how mean he was and how badly he spoke of Life and everything. He was a Mean Drunk…Another Drunk Uncle was crippled in WWII when a German Machine Gun Nest had ripped up his body in a bad way. But he wasn’t a Mean Drunk. He brought Joy to your mind and to your Face. He was fully disabled and not faking in any kind of way. But he lived Life that God had spared his life and he made it his duty to not bring Meanness to others. Everyone Loved Him. My Aunt was full blown Alcoholic. She had a Kidney Disease and even on Dialysis, she had her Husband always bringing her Beers and Cigarettes in Bed. She lived in that Bed. And she stayed Drunk. But she wasn’t a Mean Drunk. She didn’t make it her Business to Ruin the Life of Others with Mean Drunken Ways. She didn’t live in a Life of Sin. Another Drunkard Uncle was the WORST,! HE LIVED THE LIFE OF A SINNER! Big Time! HE EVEN FINALLY MARRIED THE WHORE who he had previously paid weekly for using her pussy. Getting Laid. So, he brought the HO to live with him. And I pitted her. I really did. He was the meanest Drunk I ever saw. Even in the Military, I never saw a Meaner Drunk. And you couldn’t play a game of Checkers or Chess with him without him always insulting you on every Subject he could think up. He was a Retired Lt. Colonel from the Army. And he said he fought on D-Day, Battle of the Bulge, Korean War, and in Vietnam for two weeks. He had the Medals to Match. But he had become the Meanest Drunkard I had ever been around.

On one visit to our home in Sweetwater Texas, he was so unbelievably drunk at this Big Meal my mom had made in His Honor of him visiting us. We were all seated at the table. It was not completely for him as it was Thanksgiving too. And all the food was passed around and he had make himself a huge plate of food. But then I watched him slowly fall forward and then his face went right down into a pipping-hot plate of Hot Food. And he didn’t move. He was in it face first. He literally was DROWNING in a plate of food. My father got up and then lifted his head up out of the food. And then just as his head was about a foot up, he vomited a huge stream of VOMIT right over the entire Table. His VOMIT SPRAYED ON ALL OF THE PLATES AND FOOD. It was horrible and my younger sister Vomited when she saw him Vomiting. Vomit was everywhere. Vomit. Vomit. Vomit was everywhere. Our Meal was ruined. It was horrible.My Father lifted him up and took him to a Bedroom where he helped clean him up. And then about six hours later, my Drunken Uncle was in his car driving home. No, you can’t talk no sense to a Drunk because when they are Drinking. Their Only Goal is Them and their Bottle of Booze. Booze is their New god. You cannot Separate them from their Bottle. It’s like a Baby needing a Bottle of Milk. And they drink until they Vomit! They’ll Drink themselves to Death in many cases. Bing Drinking is not uncommon to many that work thru the week or work cycle and then GET DRUNK on their Days Off. But they are living a Life of Sin. And the worst of these Drunks are Mean Old Drunks! Sinners! Mean and Cruel to Others! One time while working at my Uncle’s Ranch, we were about a mile from the Ranch House working on killing Mesquite Trees with poison in Sprayers. And we had started at Sunrise. Then about 8am my Uncle came walking up to us with thongs on his feet and him in his underwear. And his drinking Glass with Ice and Whiskey in it. Then, after muttering some words, he turned and walked back towards the house. And in his underwear was one Big Long Fresh pooped TURD. Now. That was a pure Drunk. Drunkard all the way. And He was an Old Mean Drunk! Mean as they come who married his Whore. And because of the Drunks in my past and my Own Battle with Alcohol that I WON, I CANNOT AND I DO NOT TOLERATE DRUNKARDS! I avoid them like the Plague and there is No Excuse for their Bad Behavior. Playing along with them only makes a Drunk think he’s or she’s Okay. They are Not Okay! But there isn’t anything nice about a Mean Drunk. They are mean and commit acts of Hatred towards others But they have No Right to Attack Others! But they Damn Sure Do! They won’t Quit hurting Others! And I hate it when they say-At least I don’t drink and drive. No, they get Drunk at home and then once Drunk, they EMAIL, TEXT, or CALL their Next Victim to Attack. And I’ve already learned, You must Cut all Ties to Drunkards and get them and their Hateful Ways out of Your Hair. They will pull you down into their Living Hell on Earth. They are running from their Sins. There is No Convincing them to QUIT. They are full blown Alcoholics. And they will ruin Your Life or Marriage. You must let them go. They need professional Help. All they do is plan Evil against others. Their minds are broken. They live the a life of a Sinner. Have few friends, but they live the life of a Sinner.

Sinful Sinners! But here is a place for the Drunkard to Call or if you are a Victim of a Drunkard’s Sinful Ways. You call too…

Pray for the Sinner is what the Bible says to do and I do. I pray for these Sinners everyday. Please Pray for Sinners.

What are you waiting for? Or have You Replaced God with Your New god-Alcohol?