Master, How doeth thou Hate me? Today more than Tomorrow?

The real unadulterated Truth of why Correctional Officers QUIT their Jobs in the Texas Prison System is RANK and The Games Rank Plays…but please Note, there are still many good Correctional Officers and many Good people in Rank. It’s the Bad Apples that screw-up the works for everyone and the Reason many are Quitting or did Quit a Texas Prison. I believe the Texas Prison System is in Crisis Mode and Needs fixing from the Outside in, Not the Inside Out.

Why they Quit?

  1. RANK has it out for a certain Correctional Officer and being such. Rank will use every means at their disposal to Get Rid of that Correctional Officer they are out to get. When Rank has it out for you, They will give you the Shittest Jobs day or night over and over again. Week after week. Month after month until YOU QUIT! And if they even Suspect anyone of doing wrong from Bullshit Information from a dirt-bag Inmate that often times are lying, Rank will Run You Off. They’ll even Call you to their Office and YELL at you and Accuse you of Drug Running, Cell Phone Trade. Or PUSSY TRADING with Inmates. And over and over again. RANK gets written up by Female Correctional Officers and NOTHING HAPPENS to them-Sexual Assault. sexual Harassment. Nothing ever Happens to Rank and they keep on doing it and this causes New Female Officers to Quit! But at some places, this Takes place from the lowest to the highest in Rank doing it.
  2. Inmates wore them out. Constant attacks by Inmates on one Correctional Officer. But mostly Verbal. Tossing shit on you from behind always.
  3. A Love Affair that went Bad with an Inmate or with another Officer or with RANK. Rank chases that Stank like a Dog that’s in Heat until they wear a woman down to their level or the woman writes them up or the woman Quits! Writing up some Rank only temporarily stops the Aggressor. But the one writing them up almost always loses.
  4. Covid-19.
  5. Working Conditions have deteriorated to the point of why Stay? Another UNIT has a TURNOUT with ONLY FIVE OFFICERS. They Call another Unit which sends Officers from their Unit’s Shift and then they have to Call-In more Officers to their Shift to replace the ones that they sent to the Unit in need.
  6. Having a Correctional Officer stay over and work late because of a Lack of Staff. When they keep picking you out to Stay Over time after Time. You get damn sick of it while other Officers use one excuse after another to give Rank of why they won’t Stay.
  7. Lack of Staff forces a Unit to go on LOCKDOWN. And repeated LOCKDOWN sucks like Hades. Inmates are Angered by not having the simple privileges of TV time because of LOCKDOWN. Inmates are being Tortured just like being in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT in their own Cell because of these Lack of Staff LOCKDOWNS. And they are Angered and they will CUSS You. Yell at you. Non-Stop Yelling is unbelievable. And you can’t get it out of your mind even when you leave the Unit. It stays with you.
  8. Hotter than Hell Sheet Metal or Red Brick Units are as miserable as all get out. Hot. Hot Heat. Terrible Heat. It’s miserable working conditions. Living Conditions.
  9. Legislators making derogatory Remarks about Correctional Officers like Trained Monkeys can be taught to do the Job of Texas Correctional Officers.
  10. PTSD. You see some shit that you just cannot get out oUf your Head. Blood spraying across a Dorm. A pile of blood on the floor. Blood on your Uniform or shoes. Shit, Piss, Spit, Sperm on the Back or front of you uniform at the end of the Shift.
  11. Threats! Threats made on you. To You!
  12. Pay Enlistment Incentives always going to the newest hands while the Older hands are only holding on by a thread while the State thinks these Old Hands won’t Quit. Guess What? They will Quit too and Are Quitting. Just like the 13th Paycheck Proposal to give to Retired School Teachers for VOTES, but nothing to Retired Correctional Officers? Why pray tell? Correctional Officers are treated poorly even after they RETIRE by the Legislators. Want what you can do. But stay the hell away from us all you evil Jailers.
  13. Retire as soon as you can! Don’t stay another day longer is what most Correctional Officers see now and NEVER go back. Loyalty is not known in the Prison Or appreciated.
  14. Lacking Public Support. Public has a Blind Eye to the Decent People who become Correctional Officers.
  15. I believe that the Job breaks a Person down. And the Existing Rank continues teaching the Newer Rank all the Dirt Bag Tricks used for Generations. Teaching them Mind Fucktard Tricks
  16. Working too much with the Inmates will break a Person down. The entire Idea of keeping people Locked-Up for a Lifetime is a crippling thought. There is a constant time to reflect on Society and Our Views of Punishment.

While working in these Texas Prisons, There is a constant time to reflect upon Society and Our Views of Punishment. Guilt and Guilty are words that not two people truly understand the same way. You might think all see it the same way, but NO, they do not. In Trials, the Innocent Juror will bring in to their Decision of Guilt and Guilty all the way down to Candy Canes from Christmases of early young youthful days. Or some might work on their weekly Budget in their Heads. But Prisons are FUCKTARD LAND! It’s so far from the Movies and what you think that it’s a pity that they can do what they want to Inmates unless a Lawsuit was lost in the Court System.

But Today’s Prison System consumes the individual while the Old Prison System consumed the Soul.

Prison Reform: Ruiz v. Estelle

Ruiz v. Estelle, 503 F. Supp. 1265 (S.D. Tex. 1980).

In 1972, Texas prison inmate David Ruiz filed a fifteen page handwritten civil rights complaint against the Texas Department of Corrections Director, W.J. Estelle, Jr. In his complaint, Ruiz alleged that he was confined under unconstitutional conditions, harassed by prison officials, given inadequate medical care, and subjected to unlawful solitary confinement.  Ruiz’s complaint was consolidated with the suits of seven other TDC inmates to become Ruiz v. Estelle. Judge Justice requested the United States Department of Justice appear as amicus curiae in the case. Six months later, the Justice Department filed a motion to intervene. The trial, which began in October 1978, lasted a year with 349 witnesses testifying.  Judge Justice’s decisions in the case resulted in a complete overhaul of the Texas prison system.

Judge Justice’s April 1981 consent decree obligated the Texas Department of Corrections to alleviate overcrowding, increase the number of guards and support staff, furnish adequate health care, and to meet state health and safety standards for both living and working environments in the prison facilities. Additionally, the decree appoints a special master for the case. Typically, a special master conducts investigations, holds hearings, makes findings of fact, and suggests recommendations to the court.

Not all state officials opposed Judge Justice’s ruling.  In particular, some were grateful for the pressure Judge Justice brought to bear in the effort to reform the Texas prison system.  Bob Bullock was the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts when he wrote these letters of support to Judge Justice.

I was at the Ellis Unit is 1978. It was considered the most dangerous Unit in America at that time and I have to say-IT WAS! And before I Retired, I had worked at Five Different Units. And October ’78 was a mess at the Ellis Unit.

Based on her interviews, Jalet began to compose a document she called “The Ellis Report.” From the very first sentences of its fifteen typed pages, it was an all-out indictment: “The prisoners confined in the [Texas Department of Corrections], most especially on the Ellis Unit … are deprived of their constitutional rights and subjected to a pattern of repression, harassment, and even torture that is shocking. Through abusive practices based on brutality and dehumanization, the ‘inmates’ live in constant fear.”

Everyone you talk to has their own Views of the Texas Prison System. Good or Bad. But no one wants to just Open the Doors and let the Inmates out. And my Opinion is only my Opinion. Another might have a completely different reason for Quitting or What I wrote and that is Okay. But I saw both bad and good. I saw when people and Inmates were given 2nd or more Chances. Some flew right after that while others were the Victims of their own past indiscretions of Drug or Alcohol Abuse. You can tell Alcoholics to STOP and they won’t. You can tell Addicts to Quit and they won’t or can’t. But I do belueve, because of the Living Conditions and Shocking Differences between the Free World and Incarceration, that at least 1/3 of their Sentences should be Removed and put many, many more on Probation.

And to keep all the Wheels running on the Unbelievable Size of the Texas Prisons is an Unbelievable Task along with taking care of all the Legal Issues that come up. Everyone has a Job. But those wheels driving the Prison System are falling off now at a rapid rate. And it’s only gonna be getting worse.

I was at

  1. Ellis-you could cut the tension with a knife. Hot as Hell too. Fed us well.
  2. Wynne-More Relaxed, lots of Inmates had Jobs. Fed too many sandwiches.
  3. Luther-you could cut the tension with a knife and it was Gang Territory. Most Gangs in Texas have Gang members there. Never Fed a Meal. Officer’s Mess was a Messy Mess.
  4. Pack-More Relaxed. But Hot as Hell with Arsenic in drinking water. Fed us well.
  5. Hamilton-More Relaxed. Most Offenders are fixed on doing their 6-month Recovery Program and then Going Home. Part of a Parole Requirement. Fed too many Sandwiches. But QUIT FEEDING the Correctional Officers PB sandwiches before I Retired. With working Short-Handed, you’d think that they’d treat you right and Feed you. But that’s how they were Heading when I left-very, very disappointing.
  6. Now I am RETIRED! And the Texas Prison System is Super, Super Short-Handed. Dangerously Short.

An actual Team of Researchers have never gone into TDCJ to fix all of its Problems since the 1978 Trial. Another Federal Judge needs to do a complete Review for Correctional Officers And Offenders at all the Units. Miss none and miss nobody. Talk to all. Remove the Bad Rank!

And put A/C in all the Units to reach a breathable Air Heat Level. You know when you are breathing Air over 120 Degrees. Fix it. Please Fix it and End this TORTURE!

Also, I’d let Offenders buy Cell Phones and Small TVs. Phones in Dorms are just Not Enough and many times, not all could get in the TV room to watch a Sporting Event or Movie. It’s Super Controlling and Not Open to Suggestions. But what is it really?