Coming out of Summer, All of 🇺🇸 should exercise a Good Dose of CAUTION!

With Schools Reopening in the next upcoming days or weeks, depending where you live, we are now in a very similar position to what we saw in 2020. And with a more Contagious Covid, What’s a fool to do? What? By being more prepared. By exhibiting more CAUTION.

Now’s not the Time to toss CAUTION to the wind. But no one needs to Use Politics to define Scientific Health Results to their own Will. Bending Health Words and Health Recommendations is pretty darn Ridiculous, to say the least. But haven’t all of 🇺🇸 watched every form of stupido take place involving people’s own conclusions about this Virus. Even beating each other on airplanes. Having Temper-Tantrums in Stores. And some having Total Meltdowns when asked to put on a MASK.

But you know what? Until Covid, I never fully knew how many stupid people there actually were. After all of us finished School, if you don’t continue to challenge our minds, we regress into simple stupid people incapable of having abstract thoughts except in our dreams. Lol

Stupid is as Stupid Does. And many of these stupid people turn to ALCOHOL! Getting Shit-Faced on their Days-off and wonder why the whole family is upset with their drunkard ways. You did it to your self using ALCOHOL. Or another drug. And quite convincingly you have become a walking contradiction. So look in the Mirror and try drinking your own piss instead of asking others to drink your Piss! Yes, that’s what Alcoholics do to themselves and their families. Alcoholism is a Disease! Can’t you Quit?

But all of 🇺🇸 needs to be Careful of what Guards we are going to let down. If this latest Covid gets going and ramps up to a runaway freight train, LOOK OUT! But if everyone unvaccinated gets Covid, then we might finally reach Herd Immunity. But Schools and Sports have a good chance of being affected with a restricted Viewing In-Person in the Stands being played out.

And with no joking at all, I see MASKS in our Future. Don’t you too? But wearing a Mask is a long way from a LOCKDOWN. And actually, I’ve gotten used to going And picking up my groceries in the Parking lot and Using CURBSIDE delivery. And gosh, it’s the lazy way to do stuff. Lol But safer way.

And by now, you should have and know of friends or family who have died of Covid. Or you live in a Bubble.

It sucks! They shouldn’t have Died! But who thought we’d see this in our lifetime? It’s just like over 20 years ago when early in the morning toward a the Eastern Sky there was the most amazing sight of this Meteor traveling by earth. The sight was like watching a Sci-Fi Movie but in real life. Here’s one from 1881-

A chromolithograph of the great comet of 1881 by Trouvelot (Image credit: E.L. Trouvelot/NYPL)

Its unique to see something in your lifetime that others didn’t get to see. But it would have been nice if we had never seen Covid. Sports had their hands full trying to make SPORTS happen at all. And many Colleges dropped a lot of Sports for increasing after another and they mostly used Lack of Funds.

But enough said-Just be Careful this Fall everyone. And until then too. 😉👀