ROAD RAGE! Will you be a VICTIM?

LOOK!👀 I wanted to talk to you about this very scary phenomenon of ROAD RAGE! And the reason is that when I went thru my latest Training to Carry a Concealed Handgun here in Texas, I took a long good listen when the Certified Instructor I’ve known since the early days of getting our Licenses began talking about ROAD RAGE. And it was Alarming. Instances of guns being Flashed and Guns being USED. And those who took Self-Defense, Self-Preservation into their own hands and Used the Gun they had in their Vehicles. And People are being SHOT DEAD.

Shot Dead!

But will you be Alive or Dead after Your Next ROAD RAGE INCIDENT? Don’t go automatically saying YOU WILL LIVE! YOU WILL SURVIVE! And will you?

Hopefully you will. All of us hope so. I pray you do. But dang. The number of these crazy things taking place on the Road is so creepy and scary. Real SCARY. But I’m not going to Tell You what to do. I won’t be with you and every instance is different. But you have to Survive the First Incident before you Worry about the 2nd Incident of being Arrested or Sued or Prison or Hospital or DEAD.

And the Next Time you Shoot someone the Bird, you better HOPE no one took a Picture cause you can get in trouble for that too.

But you HONK, HONK, HONK at someone and they Honk back, but then ten minutes later, You notice that Car or TRUCK with the KILL’EM ALL! LET GOD SORT IT OUT! Bumper Sticker on that Truck’s rear Bumper. And you Notice also in your Rear View Mirror that the Driver is Mean-Mugging you too. SUDDENLY, you realize that a real Pissed-Off Person is behind you and then they suddenly are 6″ from your Rear Bumper. Holy Cow!

What to do? First-Off, you might try playing the What-If Game? Yes, as Texas Prison Guards, we were always TOLD to play this Game and Mentally Imagine a Situation before it ever took place and Imagine What You Would Do in that very Situation…Guess What? It works. But please don’t put yourself in imaginary Gunslinging Shootouts and you think that’s Cool. It’s not cool.

But you should Learn all the Gun Laws if you live here in Texas. They are well worth learning them, knowing what they are.

But not too long ago, I saw a Man driving a Big Truck acting super stupid threatening a woman and the flipped her the finger and left. Why? I have no idea. But the obvious thing was that it appeared to me to be ROAD RAGE!

Here are some Road Rage Tips-

Did you look closely at the Above Picture? And the bothersome-80% on the right side. That’s some sheer Scary Stuff.

And I’m not going to sit here and Normalize thus Crazy Stuff. You can’t if you are the Aggressor.

Now, there’s some stuff ABOVE to read. But I’m telling you this, I try to remain CALM and PRETEND I don’t see the Aggressor who is ROAD RAGING ME and I NEVER MAKE EYE TO EYE CONTACT!

It’s easier to AVOID THE SITUATION than to help escalate it. Move on. Be the Bigger Driver and DO NOT Further ANGER THE ROAD RAGE AGGRESSOR! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a Clue why you are Being singled out. Ignore it if it is possible.

And DO NOT ASSUME every incident of someone HONKING at you is a ROAD RAGE INCIDENT. It might be a Warning to just help KEEP YOU SAFE. So, QUIT FLIPPING PEOPLE THE FINGER if you are.

If you look like YOU want to PLAY in the ROAD RAGE GAME, DON’T because they might SHOOT YOU! OR HIT YOUR VEHICLE WITH THEIRS.

It’s not a game at all!