Will America Return to a 2nd Covid LOCKDOWN?

Everyone who Says-NO WAY-better be ready for the unthinkable to happen again! With Governors fighting Masks Mandates and all things Biden, get ready for the Results of Political Follies. Leaders who play Politics over Health are not living in the Real World. Their Power has consumed them. Actually consumed their sense of Common Sense.

And why am I saying this?

Israel was touted as being one of the Best Vaccinated Countries in the entire World-even 61%.


But now. israel is seriously considering a Lockdown because Delta Variant is more Viral than the Common Cold.


Israel, one of the world’s most vaccinated nations, called on employers to switch to work-at-home and warned that it may have to impose new lockdowns. The World Health Organization called for a moratorium on booster shots to enable poorer countries to catch up in vaccination rates.

The drugstore chain Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. will again require employees across its U.S. stores to wear face masks. The European Union expanded its portfolio of potential vaccines, signing an advance purchase agreement with Novavax Inc.

And the Ones consumed with their own reasons for not getting Vaccinated for whatever reasons may add to the problems just as equally as those who are vaccinated. Both equally spread the Virus! But the MASK WAR HEROES-those too stupid or too Proud or too Political Inclined to WEAR A MASK will cause Our Next LOCKDOWN! Not those caught up in the Vaccination Argument. The Non-Maskers will do it for all of us.

But we haven’t gotten to that point yet and I believe we can reverse the current alarming TREND.

It’s just a matter of Time and we will all find out together…