Has China’s “WUHAN LAB” UNLEASHED yet another Deadly Covid Variant?

If you are thinking COVID-19 was unleashed from the Wuhan Lab in China, or think there’s a real possibility, or flat out BELIEVE it did, then get ready for the possibility that another possible Round with an even more Deadly Variant than DELTA has just been UNLEASHED again for a 2nd Time!

Here’s an Exert-

BEIJING (AP) — China suspended flights and trains, canceled professional basketball league games and announced mass coronavirus testing in Wuhan on Tuesday as widening outbreaks of the delta variant reached the city where the disease was first detected in late 2019.

While the total number of cases is still in the hundreds, they are far more widespread than anything China has dealt with since the initial outbreak that devastated Wuhan in early 2020 and over time spread to the rest of the country and the world.

China has not eliminated but largely curbed COVID-19 at home with quick lockdowns and mass testing to isolate infected people whenever new cases pop up. Most previous outbreaks didn’t spread far beyond a city or province. This time, cases have been confirmed in more than 35 cities in 17 of China’s 33 provinces and regions.

And Beijing won’t give you any ANSWERS that could bring negative Revelations of Lackluster Responses, existence of Secret Lab Results, and they won’t EXPLAIN why they WELDED DOORS shut to keep People Locked In like Caged Anumals during their First outbreak in Wuhan.

Did they know something was up? It’s almost comical without the laughter or smiles to talk about it now, but I wrote way back then that things were NOT adding up in China and Wuhan. Man, I researched all of that stuff down one rabbit hole after another. But what shocked me was how many Named People with Credentials TOTALLY supported China and the Wuhan Lab. And they repeatedly Said there was NO WAY that Covid-19 was Lab Created.

But that has now vanished as Labs have proved that it IS POSSIBLE! It can be done.

But the Biggest missing SMOKING GUN is the Original DNA SEQUENCE. That Original DNA Map is a necessary item to disclaim the Origin or to Prove it. And China Refused to Give WHO Information Gatherers the Answers needed to solve this Issue.

But China 8s8s now grappling with its own DELTA VARIANT or is it that Wuhan Lab at it again?

China slams WHO plan to audit Wuhan lab in study of Covid-19 origins…China on Thursday said a World Health Organization (WHO) proposal to audit Chinese labs as part of further investigation into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic showed “disrespect” and “arrogance towards science”.


WHO has been there on the Ground in China more than once and cannot get the ANSWERS. China is Stonewalling! They won’t budge. But the People all across China know what’s coming…and it’s not Pretty.

Panic-Buying And Transport Lockdowns. In Wuhan, It Feels Like Early Pandemic Again

August 3, 2021


Why Heck yeah you better have all you need already in China BECAUSE THEY Gonna WELD YOUR Doors SHUT AGAIN!

But if it is another Variant more worse than DELTA, HOW long will it be before we know and before someone in China let’s us know? Six Months? A Year? The man who let the COVID-19 News out beyond the Gates of China the FIRST TIME from China is D E A D!

All Twelve Million Wuhan Residents are going to be Tested! And here comes the Welding Machines and Welders with the Test results to Weld your Door closed if you Test Positive.

Just like the First Time! China did this before while the World was ignorant to what was happening in China.

But another alarming Question-https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/seven-year-covid-trail-revealed-l5vxt7jqp

An Abandoned Copper mine where A New Deadly Coronavirus was born? It was a breeding ground for mutated micro-organisms and pathogens deadly to human beings. There was a reason to take extra care. Weeks earlier, six men who had entered the mine had been struck down by an illness that caused an uncontrollable pneumonia. Three of them died.

And samples ended up in the Wuhan Lab.



China clamps down in hidden hunt for coronavirus origins

By DAKE KANG, MARIA CHENG and SAM MCNEIL December 30, 2020

By December 30, 2020, China was clamping down on all Covid Informations. But what were they keeping SECRET from the rest of the World?