GOLD MINING-Do you have the Mental, Physical, and Monetary Stamina?

One of my best Vacations was to Ouray Colorado and A very scary Jeep Ride to the Top of Engineering Mountain-not completely sure of the name anymore. Is in Gold Mining Country. And for some strange reason, I became convinced that Gold was at 8000ft. But I never went looking for any except online.

Here’s a Complimentary Bag I was sent…

But, And, And I looked up Jeep Tours there Today…Lol

All Jeep® Gladiator tours are billed as a 2 person minimum (adults). Tours are $85.00 per person, children 12 and under are $50.00 each.

And if you want to trust your life to some One else driving high up into the Mountains while you look down (if you dare) into the Deep Ravens down below where you’ll find Jeeps that FELL! Images you’ll never forget. And you won’t ever forget it. Lol.

But GOLD and finding the Mother lode has always been on man’s mind. And some got Rich and others went Broke. Most go Broke. But if you’ll watch the next Video and the Video that starts after it is over, you will find out quickly if chasing Gold is really for you. No, I’m not talking about one of the TV Shows of finding Gold. Doing it on your own or with a few of your Buddies. But watch it and Enjoy!