TEXANS’s STAR QB-Will play in 2023, 2024, 2025, or NEVER AGAIN in the NFL?

These days, can’t no one be kind and some might play the fool? Below is BEST READ I’ve found.


I cannot and will not say anything. I’m not a part of that picture or NFL WORLD. 99% of us aren’t either. But going to a Prostitute Overseas for the G.I. was normal. When you got Blue Balls, you has to be relieved. And being found masturbating wasn’t an acceptable item.

But the G.IG.I. went to a known Area where The Police were also and you conducted a Price and Answer Question and if both Parties agreed, off you went to be relieved of your pain.

But we never, I mean, I never saw a place for a Massage ever. Or was asked if you wanted a rub–down. No, it was very plain and simple Sex. Nothing out of the normal range. And A Huge Box of Condoms were sitting by the Sign-In/Sign-Out page before you left to go to the Village. But all the Ranks went to a Prostitute Overseas. For higher Rank, it was called something different than Prostitution, but it was the same.

In Houston in the late 1970s, MASSAGE PARLORS were everywhere along the Interstate. And a Road called Telephone Road was rumored to be where all sorts of Criminal Activities included Prostitution took place. But I never went.

Here in the States, I never sought a Prostitute. Not ever. I did go once to Mexico, but I didn’t feel a sense of Safety connected with the Prostitute. Just did not feel right. She was a huge woman and I felt like I had been took. But the Bar Owner assured all of us everything was fine.

But I have no clue like you about the Texan QB. Seems like too many women have come forward and fingered him. But I found Overseas that everything was quite honest with all the Prostitutes. They always told the Truth.

But dang, after reading all the Articles, I’m not sure what’s gonna happen. And right now, I’m not sure how the Upcoming Season is gonna be played out. The PANDEMIC looks like its not thru with us yet.

I wish him the Best and if Guilty and Committed a Crime, In Texas you got to do the Time. But we’ll see…