“Whoever sows the wind reaps the whirlwind.” Is Israel and Iran headed toward WAR?

Both Countries have been trading slaps at each other and it now appears that Iran may be Ready to engage with Israel in a Real War.

Sure, most of these Turd-Tossings end and there is little more to them. But Iran is now an Animal that has a New Leader who is known for his Rabies Disease of the Mind. He is a KOO-KOO! Willing to Kill anyone he deems an Enemy. And Historically, Israel has always been considered Iran’s ENEMY.

And let’s look at the latest Oracle Versing tossed at Israel after a Deadly Oil Tanker Attack. But what was it?

“Whoever sows the wind reaps the whirlwind.” And what does this Mean? I mean really mean?


Bible Questions Answered

What does it mean to sow the wind and reap the whirlwind (Hosea 8:7)?

sow wind reap whirlwind


Hosea 8:7 makes the enigmatic statement, “For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.” This proverb is known in modern times for its use in military speeches and as a title for a science fiction novel. What did Hosea mean?

The proverb uses an illustration gleaned from the agricultural process of sowing and reaping. A farmer would sow seed. Of course, the type of seed he planted determined the type of plant that would grow and be harvested. This is the principle of duplication. In Hosea 8:7, God says that Israel had planted wind and would harvest a whirlwind. Taking the “wind” to mean something worthless and foolish (see Job 7:7Proverbs 11:29; and Ecclesiastes 1:1417), we can surmise that Israel’s foolishness in the past would result in a veritable storm of consequence. Indeed, in the previous verses, Hosea decries Israel’s idolatry (verses 4-6). Their foolish pursuit of false gods would reap a severe judgment from the Lord.

Also at work in the proverb is the principle of multiplication: a farmer may plant one kernel of corn, but he will reap much more than that—a whole ear. In the same way, Israel’s sin of idolatry would bring forth an amplified consequence that would sweep them all away.

The rest of verse 7 notes the results of this “whirlwind” of judgment: “The standing grain has no heads; it shall yield no flour; if it were to yield, strangers would devour it.” So, the crop would yield nothing. Outsiders would steal anything that did happen to grow. Israel would have understood Hosea’s words well. A poor or stolen crop would be devastating. Here, God is warning His people that their idolatry would lead to ruin.

In addition to following idols, Israel was seeking help in other, equally sinful ways. “For they have gone up to Assyria, a wild donkey wandering alone; Ephraim has hired lovers” (Hosea 8:9). Israel had made ill-advised treaties with Assyria for protection from their enemies. Instead of trusting God, they relied on their wealth and the help of pagan nations.

The “whirlwind” came upon Israel in 722 B.C., when Assyria invaded Israel, destroyed the capital city of Samaria, and deported the Israelites. Yet Hosea 14:4 promised future grace: “I will heal their apostasy; I will love them freely, for my anger has turned from them.” A whirlwind does not last forever, and God’s judgment would not be unending. God would later renew the relationship between Him and His people.

Today, we can see the truth of Hosea’s proverb in many ways. Those who live in unrepentant sin can expect to suffer the consequences of their sin—consequences that both “fit the crime” and exhibit a stunning intensity. Also, this statement by Hosea is a clarion call to avoid idolatry. Anything that steals our trust in the Lord, lessens our devotion to Him, or controls us can be considered an idol and should be abolished from our lives.

Okay, an excellent explanation. And it’s an overused Biblical Phrase often used by Saber-Rattlers all the time. I think another six months of TURD tossing and they might actually trade weapon attacks. War by Christmas might be doable. But lots of Think-Tanks are already looking at that right now.

But let’s take a Real look-

  1. Iran is like a Wounded Animal looking for a Victim. And Israel fits the Billing.
  2. America is pulling it’s Troops from Iraq. A great Sign of Weakness to Iran and an Opportunity to Attack Israel without fear of a Military Land Attack from America. Well, not at first.
  3. Iran wants An Eye for an Eye for what Trump did killing a National Hero. And this New Leader knows the Unrest in Iran among the Populous can only be solved with ALL HANDS ON DECK in a War.
  4. But Israel supposedly planned and carried out an amazing Covert Operation killing one of Iran’s Head Nuclear Scientists quite capable of assembling Nuclear Warheads. And the grabbing of Iran’s Nuclear Documents wasn’t a small feat either.




You really need to review the last two Articles. They will help bring you up to speed.

Iran has accused Israel of attacks on its nuclear sites and scientists.

It comes against a backdrop of talks in Vienna that are trying to revive a 2015 international deal under which sanctions on Iran are lifted in return for commitments from Tehran to curb its nuclear programme.

Western countries accuse Iran of trying to build a nuclear bomb. Iran, in turn, denies this, insisting its nuclear programme is focused on research and power generation.

The ex-Mossad chief did not confirm or deny involvement in the death. But he said the scientist was a target “for many years”, adding that his scientific knowledge concerned the agency.

“If the man constitutes a capability that endangers the citizens of Israel, he must stop existing,” he was quoted as saying, but added that someone could be spared “if he is prepared to change profession and not harm us any longer”.

And Israel doesn’t play around as they have been repeatedly Attacked in their past. I remember sitting in a large gym awaiting Orders to load for a Trip to Israel. And I guarantee you this.

If Israel and Iran go to War, Our Troops will be shipped for the Ball also. And the Air Attacks will be tremendous. But they got these new more powerful Weapons I’m sure the DOD will want to Test. Unheard of Weapons capable of near Nuclear Damages with Conventional Weaponry.

But what will come next? More Naval Ships escorting Ships? And when one of them gets hit, what’s next? And lots and lots of more Saber-Rattling Talking.

So much that we will all get tired of hearing about it…