A RECKONING-a Dark Psychological Thriller set in the Old West! Very Dark…

WOW…Talk about a very dark psychological thriller that will have you hoping no one will knock at your front door or the read door while you are watching this Movie. If they do, You’ll Jump.

But after a savage cannibal minded ex-War type person kills a woman’s husband does the Reckoning begin. And she broods at first and then she makes an offer of giving up her land and all for a Gun and a Horse.

People tell her-Hell No, don’t go. Stay safe. Stay Home.

But she is bubbling up such a feeling, such a neediness. That only Blood will calm or make it worse. And which one does she find?

Over and Over, She was told not to go. She was warned about what she might find. A very Dark picture of a Crazy Man is revealed to her. And most normal folks would have stopped. But she’s gone sideways And has a killing need in her-She has a Reckoning that must be satisfied. And she is undeterred and hellbent on payback. If a woman ever needed to kill a fella, this one is the One!

Three Bounty Hunters and one Marshal is killed before she is lured to the very dwellings of an extremely deranged man-her husband’s killer. But he is a blood-thirsty man-eater. Worse than any Dracula Movie because this one feels so real. She knows she is on his trail from the bones he leaves along the way.

But then she is provided an excellent performance into sheer mental madness with a masterful performance by the killer himself when she arrives. One that is haunting to watch.

Then the worse of the worse Happens.

Once hunting him and then, suddenly the Killer is hunting her as she misses a shot from her rifle. It’s a frightful shocking chase from the Madman. And you’ll get sucked into playing the part of the Vengeful Wife. You’ll ask-Dang, what if she was me?

And even at a Mountain Supply Store, you don’t know if she’s found a decent person or another crazy person. Craziness is everywhere. But even she is sucked deeply into her vengeance and the aftereffects of her 1st Killing. And that Blood explodes onto the Movie Camera’s Lense. In our face…

But she has changed and more change is necessary in order for her to take on this monstrous, mountain sized man who she is searching for. Until he is chasing her.

And again, this is one very dark psychological thriller that you’ll be sure to watch more than once. It’s frightful.

But don’t forget to Pop that Popcorn and get under a blanket so your feet don’t get messed with. And keep a watchful eye out for any unusual noises. Enjoy!