Are you providing a NASAL SWAB for Covid-19 Testing and your 2nd Swab sent to a National DNA Bank?

Talk about Excuse Moi?

What a brilliant time to get the DNA on every Person in America right now? A Great Plan Unleashed? Forget the CENSUS. One Swab for Covid-19 and another for Your DNA going for a TOP SECRET DNA COLLECTION? And you say NO WAY! Lol…oh you gave them the way. But who authorized it? A Joke or For Real? After all, they are Above the Law. Who’s Law? One for you and me and NONE for them. What you gonna do if they have done this? Nothing…you might cry a little. But you’ll hope more you won’t get “chaired”.

And why? This way they’ll know who you were in the Upcoming NUCLEAR WAR. The one They been Just itching to Try those Nukes in a full out War. But a War over what? Tariffs? But you get Nuked and you are Just a shadow on the ground? No problem. They’ll DNA TEST each and every shadow on the cement to make sure who’s Shadow it belongs to. After all, now they got your DNA. That’s why the Military was in Charge. And they’ll DNA Test all Corpses in National Grave of 500 to a 1000 or more.

And there are tons of other reasons to collect everyone’s DNA. And if your DNA doesn’t MATCH in the future, then you’ll be EJECTED OVER THE WALL! That would be funny. The Evening Ejection Shows launching PEOPLE in chairs back over THE WALL. The whole World would watch. But what if they got your DNA wrong? That’ll happen too.

“Hey, Here’s another one. Don’t anyone touch it. We’ll need it’s DNA too!”

And by taking samples of feces from the septic lines from Apartment Buildings, they’ll know exactly who is living there. Easy Way to locate a CRIMINAL. Do it on individual homes as well.

And certain traits found in DNA labeling you an Undesirable would get you the Ejection Chair in the Evening Ejection Show too.

Lol…Lol…and like you don’t have enough to worry about. But many will read the above as Truth and NOT the satire as intended. Humor or a real possibility?

Lol…So, you wanna be mean, Copy and PASTE part of it and then add it to the Misinformation Wars. Sure, that’s what people do anyway. Lol but still, it might just be True too.