SURE! You know it will. And if the New Laws are PASSED? A person who you don’t even know will be posting their Butt right up next to you! And most likely STARING RIGHT AT YOU while standing beside you. Yep, the New Law allows for Autonomous Folks to be anywhere in a Polling Station except the Polling Station that is being used by you! Or another actual Voter. But it doesn’t say that they can’t be annoying as hell while standing next to you making guttural noises or farting or burping noises.

Yes, with Activity like that, you won’t ever want to VOTE again.

But what was wrong with the Law as it was? NOTHING! This is all a RUE to SCREW YOU, ME, ALL OF US!

But they are Advertising all of this BULLSHIT as-

Enhancing poll watcher protections

Both bills include language to strengthen the autonomy of partisan poll watchers at polling places by granting them “free movement” within a polling place…

Free Movement is just that for some Idiots. And the More they can Annoy You, the more you won’t want to VOTE! And the fewer the VOTES, the better chance of one Party controlling the Elections.

Jim Crow? Hell Yeah!

There is more at risk than you think. Items already LOST in Court are now being brought back by creating a New Law. The Courts already Ruled against their folly. But some folks are still determined to get their ways.


These Election Lies have gone way too far!