Thanks to one Amazing Country for Hosting these Olympics! Thank You Japan and Thank You! To all the Japanese!

The 2020 Japanese Olympics are being held during a very Trying Time in the World. Impossible Decisions are being made to Keep the World going during a most unpopular Pandemic.

Last night, I shook my head and asked-Why? Why did this thing, this Pandemic, come upon all the World. And it has changed so much. And when will it leave?.

People still aren’t feeling Free and Safe. Even with the Vaccines, it’s not 100% Protection. And sure, the World is watching and Praying that a Super-Killer Variant that no Vaccine is capable of defending doesn’t come to play. We don’t need any of this, but here it is.

There’s already been too much Death and dying from Covid-19. And there will still be much more.

But it took a Proud Nation, Japan and the Japanese People, to take a Stance that they would not be Defeated by a Virus to Bring the World these current Olympic Games. Tremendous Sacrifices are being made by the Japanese People. And I SALUTE all of you. And for this, I now Honor each of you. Many Countries are not as Strong as you. Thank you. And my love for the Japanese People will never leave my mind.

Even in the Books, I Honor the Japanese People with a Great Warrior who aids the Main Character in A Panther’s Father Book Series.