SEC-a “College Football Players UNION” is the Only Way I see these Player Rights being Protected.

The secrecy of Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC, backstabbing of Texas A&M

Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC? What that would look like, and who would love (and hate) it

Okay, let the PARTY GET STARTED! But what Happens to THE LONGHORN NETWORK?

The Longhorn Network is an American multinational regional sports network owned as a joint venture between The University of Texas at Austin, ESPN and IMG College, and is operated by ESPN. WikipediaFounded: August 26, 2011Customer service: 1 (855) 664-4676Headquarters: Austin, TX

Texas gets approximately $15 million annually straight from ESPN for LHN. That Contract runs through June 2031. A Big 12-branded ESPN+ channel will launch this fall featuring Baylor, Kansas, Kansas State and Oklahoma State.Apr 10, 2019

OKAY! But let’s revisit the Past to the Year 2011-

A&M announced on August 31, 2011 that it would leave the Big 12 in June 2012 to join the SEC, but the invitation process was prolonged by various moves by the Big 12, which feared that A&M’s departure would scuttle the conference. Yes, Texas A&M’s Departure from the Big 12 wasn’t a pretty Departure. It got downright UGLY! And fast forward to 2021 and Texas and Oklahoma are Stuck in the Non-Glamour League. Even the NFL picks more from the SEC than any other Conference. These Two saw the Lack of Luster of Christmas Past Disappear after Texas A&M left the Big 12. It was a Super Crippling of the University of Texas’s Power Over Everybody Mentality. Like Texas was all that.

And the Aggies got tired of Barking every time UT told them to Bark. So, they left the Big 12.

But the Aggies grew-up and have developed into a Great Ball Club in the SEC. But envy always rears its Ugly Head after Jealousy takes Over. And it has. Texas and Oklahoma are the little kids sitting at the Christmas Table asking the ones at the SEC CHRISTMAS TABLEMay we please, so very pretty please with Sugar on Top be allowed to Join the SEC? On bended knees we beseech You all Powerful and Knowing SEC, please let us JOIN. But let’s Review that past-ten years ago-

ESPN reported on June 11 that Texas, Texas Tech, and the two Oklahoma schools were prepared to accept an invitation from the Pac-10. The report also indicated that Texas A&M was torn between the Pac-10 and SEC and was given a 72-hour deadline to decide on its future destination.[5][6] Meanwhile, Baylor announced that it would wait and see what the final outcome of the Big 12’s realignment would be before making any final decision concerning where they would go if the Big 12 dissolved.

The Battle of the Brazos has gone nuclear.

Baylor University asserted Wednesday its right to sue Texas A&M University and the Southeastern Conference over the impact of the Aggies’ departure from the Big 12 Conference.

The decision puts on hold A&M’s bid to become the newest member of the SEC.

Yes, you want to prove that you aren’t under anyone’s thumb (and believe me, I get that) but does trading a perceived benevolent subservience to the University of Texas for certain obscurity (at least short term) in the SEC really a solution to your problem?

The Big Cigars at Texas and Oklahoma will go down with the ship, even if the ship is a dinghy and even if the cigars are $2 Travis Club Senators Especiales Maduros before they take UH seriously.

When the league tanks, fans and scribes will point to various factors behind its fall from grace such as bad hires, bad recruiting and, in all likelihood, bad news coverage.

In reality, the real blame (or credit, if you bleed maroon) should be laid at the senior-boot-clad feet of Texas A&M, which took the money, ran and let the infidels through the gates, er, over the Sabine River bridge.

SEC Presidents and Chancellors Voted in favor of the move on Sept. 6, and a source said A&M’s negotiation of an exit fee with the Big 12 “will now begin in earnest.”

The Big 12 said Tuesday it will withhold an estimated $12.41 million from both schools’ projected distribution for fiscal year 2012.

Yes, the BIG 12 EXIT FEE had to be Paid!

Missouri and Aggies paid an Exit Buyout to leave Big 12.

$12.4 Million each!


But make No Mistake! Texas A&M left the Big 12 because of the University of Texas. Plain and simple. And now, both UT and Oklahoma went to the SEC secretly. Talk about Who is going to SUE who now? The Remaining Big 12 are gonna be discussing things in their own Secret Meetings for sure.

But how about the Football Players and the rest of these Athletes! Don’t they have a Word in any of this? The SEC isn’t a simple Season to play in. It’s Max-Power All-Americans going at each other each week in a Brawling War of Gladiators. Adding Two more Regular Season Games and more Games in the Playoffs spells INJURY CITY!

BONE CRUSHING, SPINE BREAKING, DISC BREAKING, CONCUSSIONS CITY, and more weeks of pain and also Mental Pressure than a young player should have to put up with just so the Schools make more

REVENUE $$$,$$$,$$$? Maybe $50 Million each? And some players won’t see $-? From NIL?

And the Revenue for UT and the Aggies might bust over $850 Million each this year. By 2026 for sure.

And do the Players get to say anything? And does it matter that ESPN isn’t recognized still as a Major Network? Only OTA TV NETWORKS are! 35% of America didn’t even get to Watch the National Championship or Playoff Games because millions aren’t tied to Cable Contracts any longer. And ESPN didn’t even dual Broadcast these Games with a Major Network. They are so full themselves and $$$$! GRABBING the little guy

A College Football Players Union is the Only Way I see their Rights being Protected.

When no one takes the time to really discuss The Danger Aspect of these Games with Players, both present and past, then we have done a great disservice to them. Otherwise-it’s Train like Hell, Play like Hell, and Make us Schools a ton of your Hard-Earned Money.


Texas lawmakers file bill to block UT-Austin from leaving Big 12 for SEC.