Skip the Covid Lies and False Truths and Trust Your Gut!

When I was flying and landing in pea soup Fog, all you could do was Trust God and your Gut. Yes. That Gut Feeling still is a big helper. And tingling on the back of your neck is danger.

A Young Woman Artist’s Impression of Covid Pandemic

I had the opportunity to pay this Artist for her work and I had it Framed and then, I gave it back to her. Her First Framed piece of Artwork.

VACCINATIONS! TOO LATE, to argue the goods or bads now. They do work. But sure, frightful Variants, far worse than what we can presently imagine, can still materialize. We are not Out of the Unknown Forest yet.

Predictability says America is about to be Slam-Dunked with a new Covid Surge. Sure. We’ve all been Watching it. All of us can see the Data. But amazingly. COVID LIARS are still in the Limelight spreading their False Truths. On Mainstream News. Dang, why do they keep allowing them to garnish the Spotlight with lies. Lots and Lots of lies telling us Vaccines are BAD and they’d rather just Die than get a Vaccine. Okay, that’s your right. But to put your unFairness in the minds of people who believe what you say is unacceptable. It’s your Vanity Disease.

But the World is a very long way before we get out of this Covid Train wreck. Here’s an Article from the United Nations-

So, who will you believe? CDC? UNITED NATIONS? FDA? WHO?

Way too many are still behind the curve on How to Prevent Covid in your Life-MASKS and Vaccines. Sure, keeping that Distance. Washing your Hands.

But skipping along in Life with No Real Plan is not a good thing.

So, prepare to SURVIVE! Take real Actions for yourself and your Families.

And Don’t Take Chances!

That’s you in that Movie-THE DEER HUNTER playing a Russian Roulette if you do. And Covid is the Death Bullet for MILLIONS.

Employers trying to meet their Work Quotas are talking taking Actions against the Spreaders of Covid and Covid Vaccinations. If you cannot meet demand, your Business will fold-up. Sure. It’s a tricky legal ledge to teeter on. But Lack of Employees is rough. Especially when people are spreading rumors that are keeping them away from their Place of Work.

Having a Job is a good thing. Finding a Job is harder for many. But we must keep trying.

But we must help the entire World get Covid Vaccinations. All able Nations must Help! Please do!

Low Vaccinated Areas pose a big Danger to people. To their own neighborhoods. To the World. And that’s sad. Completely sad.