Gunfighter’s Moon-a good Lance Henriksen Western Movie!

A gunslinger (Lance Henriksen) travels to a small Wyoming town, where he meets an unknown daughter and confronts vicious outlaws.

Talk about one of Lance’s Best Performances! He plays Gunfighter so very well. And is dressed for the part. So, you wanna see a Great Western, this is one.

Pop some Popcorn and Enjoy!

Gunfighter’s Moon is a 1995 American Western film produced by Douglas Curtis, directed by Larry Ferguson and starring Lance HenriksenKay Lenz and David McIlwraith. Also appearing are Nikki DeLoachIvan Sergei and James Victor.

Gunfighter’s Moon
Directed byLarry Ferguson
Written byLarry Ferguson
Produced byDouglas Curtis
StarringLance HenriksenKay LenzDavid McIlwraithNikki DeLoachIvan SergeiJames Victor
CinematographyJames L. Carter
Music byLee Holdridge
Distributed byRysher Entertainment
Release dateJune 17, 1995
Running time95 minutes
CountryUnited States

A veteran gunfighter is summoned to Red Pine in Wyoming by a former lover. She wants to protect her new husband, (a store-keeper who is the temporary town sheriff), from a gang of outlaws who want to free one of their number who is being held for killing the lawman’s predecessor during a bank robbery. What the gunfighter is unaware of, is that he is the father of a teenage girl. She also doesn’t know.