A Russian Movie Sure to Upset Vietnam Veterans! 1965-1978


This is a Soviet Movie based on True Events that took place during the Vietnam War. Soviets or Russians Killing American Soldiers.. I was very displeased when I realized what I was watching. I didn’t have my reading glasses on and then when American Troops started getting Killed at the Hands of Soviet Operatives, it became very disturbing to W A T C H!

VIETNAM VETS Might want to skip this one. It’s like a big kick right up all our Asses. But watch it, we must. Know Your Enemies. Using Soviet Agents born in America too. S H O C K I N G!

Chuzhaya Voyna

The untold harrowing true story of Russia’s top secret, covert operations carried out in North Vietnam during the infamous Vietnam War.

Now, watch this highly disturbing movie for yourself-

This Movie Answers Our Questions Visually!


Mr. Yeltsin’s letter spoke only in general terms of newly discovered documents indicating “the shocking facts” of some prisoners’ being executed by Stalin’s government “and in a number of cases being forced to renounce their U.S. citizenship.”

But the letter also said that “all their rights are now fully guaranteed” and that they are free to return to the United States if they so choose. “There are no American citizens forcibly held on the territory of Russia.”

The Soviet Union under dictator Josef V. Stalin “summarily executed” some U.S. prisoners after World War II and forced others, some of whom are still alive, to renounce their U.S. citizenship, Russian President Boris N. Yeltsin said in a letter given to a Senate committee yesterday.

But Dimitri Volkogonov, the senior Russian emissary who read Mr. Yeltsin’s letter to the Senate Select Committee on POW-MIA Affairs, said no evidence uncovered by Russian investigators indicates that U.S. POWs from Vietnam or the Korean War were transferred to the Soviet Union.

Nine Vietnam-era U.S. servicemen were transferred to the Soviet Union, but they were all deserters brought to Moscow for propaganda purposes and later resettled in third countries. Although the possibility of Vietnam-era POWs’ being transferred to the Soviet Union “cannot be entirely discounted,” investigators have failed to turn up any documentary evidence, Mr. Volkogonov said.


Soviet agents questioned three U.S. prisoners-of-war in Vietnam in 1978, five years after Vietnam claimed to have returned all living POWs, a former KGB official said today. He said a dozen or so Americans were kept in Vietnam long after the war ended.