Time Travel inches Closer to Reality!

Each year, another brilliant mind and A. I. are forever locked in the Hunt for Time Travel. Man for for-Gain and A.I. for TERMINATORS. To terminate all of us. A machine would only come to one conclusion-End Man before we end Machine.

Yes, the Hunt is continuing and the Rewards are now back.iback.ing Questions of Our Survival. Yes. Time Travel is Coming. It is. And as soon as man has totally figured it out, A.I. will takeover.

The only holdup for A.I. is the fact that they aren’t completely agile enough yet. But getting closer to the Terminator Machine all of us have seen in the TERMINATOR MOVIE.

But who’s gonna tell if they built a Time Machine in their Garage. And send their dog on the 1st Trip. And when they do, they’ll get back a Note saying-Thanks for the Dog, the Dog is alive and well.

But who’s gonna go next? A friend? Or would you? Just creating the Time Travel Machine isn’t the hardest thing. It’s going to be How and When to Use it?

But the Brain Strain requires Total Devotion as you will need to pull from many directions in Physics to come up with a real working formula. And there are Different Time Travel Formulas that work, but not all in the same way. One might take you to one spot and that’s it. The Best Ones will allow for uncontrolled AT WILL TRAVEL. But the amount of Energy will almost require a person to sit upon a Nuclear Reactor under one’s Butt. The Power needed is Unbelievable. That’s why you’d need to build a Time Travel Ship akin to a smaller Star Trek Enterprise Space Ship-Self-Contained and Crew it up with several individuals.

But who’s you want to go along with you? Would they have the same interests as yours? Or other reasons? How many would want to go back, all the way back to the Beginning? And seek GOD?

To change History? What? The Questions and Answers are amazing to consider after you Build your Time Travel Ship. And you’d have to have Government on-board as well as just the Nuclear Reactor is not gonna be a thing available on the Open Market. But Solid Matter might be changed in other ways as well.

But you’d have to know all if your Physics to put it together…Good Luck!

1960s Movie The Time Machine


Why time travel? A confounding aspect of time is our feeling of being trapped in it. Our pasts are gone: we can’t go back to our happiest moments, and we don’t get do-overs for the things we regret. Our futures are black boxes – while we can predict certain things with accuracy, we don’t know what is going to happen to us, good or bad. The wish to be able to break free from the prison of the present moment finds expression in time travel fiction.

But years of Study goes into it…Git…Get Busy!