Covid worse now than at any time in some Hospitals.

Who’s kidding who? Covid Infections are Doubling EVERY WEEK now. At the Present Rate. We’re gonna be in Lockdown in Some States by September 1! But, I’m sorry. I don’t see anyone Obeying another Lockdown ever again. Just mention the word and see how Mad people get.

We’ve had two Covid Deaths here just yesterday and 16 now in Hospital. A new sudden surge is beginning! HOTSPOTS are popping up everywhere. And July 4th may be the Event that stoked it….or Not.

But make No Mistake-

DELTA VARIANT is no Joke! This is Alarming to see. I feel safer because of getting Vaccinated. But it’s not fool proof.

No I’m not gonna play the Blame Game. People are people and they do as they please. Can’t Nobody stop them. EXCEPT DEATH!

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