“This is the first time in American history a Majority Leader of the United States Senate is leading the call to End the Prohibition of Marijuana.”


More and more States are Legalizing Marijuana every Legislative Session. I find that this is maybe the Best way to deal with it. People wanna USE it, let them and We Tax Them and make Money on it. Right now, I am honestly SICK of Mexican Cartels getting all the Profits from the ones using it here in 🇺🇸.

We got to focus our Efforts on Fentanyl and Heroin and Crack and other Drugs. Fentanyl is a highly dangerous Drug. Offenders in Texas Prison warned Me of How Dangerous it was and it has even Killed Stars using it legally as a Prescription Drug. But in the pure form. They said it would kill a fella.


It doesn’t make prudent sense to keep Criminalizing it and putting PEOPLE in Prison. And it mostly catches Black individuals in an unfair legal system. We got to End this.

Again, if people want to smoke it, let them.

The bill is designed to decriminalize marijuana on the federal level, expunge federal convictions for nonviolent marijuana crimes, allow those imprisoned for marijuana to petition their sentencing, take marijuana off the federal list of controlled substances and create a tax system for the substance. 

I agree. This makes sense. For everyone not aligned with this won’t even pay attention to it a year after it becomes legal. It will become a non-thing.

But people who want should be able to smoke it and cultivate a personal Use amount. And a License to Grow or Possess makes sense to me. How about you? Smoke a Joint instead of drinking a 12-Pack? Which is best? One mellows the Angry person and the other makes the Angry Person capable of doing anything Violent. Many had alcohol on January 6.

This one Right-Wing Propaganda Movie has created more problems for all Generations. It has to END. We had to WATCH it in School. Grade School and High School. Just like the Upcoming Nuclear War Movies we had to WATCH too. It was scary stuff for 🇺🇸! To show their Children! I’ll never forget…

Time to move on. Canada and Mexico already has. We got to Beat the Cartels and End sending them Money!!!

One school Counselor had these POSTERS on his Wall and he loved beating our hands with a Stick for Corporal Punishment. He even broke one Black kids knuckle. He was so mean. So hateful.

Honestly, anyone who VOTES against this must be receiving Money from CARTELS?