America’s Obsession with Perfection!

Perfectionism! To the MAX. Only in America!

But who’s at fault? Who? Can’t Nobody be Fat. Can’t Nobody be Ugly Faced. Can’t Nobody have a Limp, Lisp, or Lazy Eye! Can’t No one be dressed unpleasant to our Viewing. Can’t Nobody make Writing with out of place words, improper words, or other Mistakes that a Reader might find. Thanks Auto-Correct!

That last one is the one that burns mist of us up. You punch in the right keys, you see the correct word, and then three words later, you glance back and Auto-Stupid-Word-Changer just made all of us look Stupid. And it’s worse Today as more and more programmers punch in their own interpretations from all over the World.

Today, I see more and more Bloopers on my own Blogs and the wrong thing is presented totally by an Automated Word Fixer. And I’m seeing more and more Articles poorly written because I can see what Auto did in some of them in Major Papers and such.

But our Obsession with Perfection has caused many Stars having all kinds of eating disorders just trying to Stay Perfectly Looking. Hey, we got to keep Tossing Only Perfection in Movies, TV, and other stuff like Sports. Lord, can’t have a Fat Coach.

Push in everyone into a State of Mind of Helplessness believing that they are Imperfect. Imperfect because too many are taking their own Careers to a NEXT LEVEL State of Fitness that comes only from Insane Eating and Workouts with Professional Trainers.

Want a Six Pact? On that Belly? Get ready to get miserable before you reach your Goal in 6-18 months. And some can train for years and won’t ever get a pretty six pack. 6-Pack Obsession because you saw Stars with them. Or your favorite Athletes have them.

But it doesn’t stop with Fat! It’s Clothes too. It’s Hairdos and Fingernails getting done Perfectly. And the Make-up demand is far overrated. Go to Wal-Mart and which ones do you pick? Could take years to find the perfect stuff that works for you.

But it’s still only an Obsession wrongly put into everyone’s minds. Kids will pack on the Lbs the more the Parents tear into the child for a Perfect Body. Ruin their Self-confidence and such. Cause problems that will follow them all their Lives.

But I say this-Learn to be Okay with Yourself ASAP! Don’t compare Apples to Oranges. Be Happy you’re here for this Thing Called Living. And remember, You Only Get One Life. No 2nd Chances.

Enjoy Life. Live it!