Computer Chip Shortage HOAX?


Simply put. The Computer Chip Shortage is nothing more than Stop-Stop-Gapping!

if you freeze or lower your requested Orders. I’m talking doing this deliberately, you’ll cause a Product Shortage and Then they will Manipulate the Final Costs to their advantage. Of their Products.

Examples? Sure.

Vehicles. New Ones are now fetching $10-$20,000 more! Talk about a Huge Frigging PROFIT!!!

Laptops-200% Increase.

Cell Phones-400% Increase.

Let’s look at the Truck and Car Industry-Why would they FIX it? They Sell One and make the Profits of Nine Others that weren’t SOLD.. In only one Sale, they are fixing Corporate Profits!

There is No Incentive to do a damn thing but Rake in the Money!

You say No Way! BULLSHIT! It’s a manipulation of the Market.

Eight Months ago, they said there was a Chip Shortage and it’d take six months for the shortage to End. Then Last night they said it would take Six Months to Nine Months to Fix it. They are lying to us. They are causing the Problem just for Profits.

Six Months ago, the Profits were $3000-$5000 per vehicle tied to Chip Shortages. And they were emptying their Sales Lots. Now. It’s HOW MUCH PROFIT?

We are being ROBBED of our Money by their Manipulation of the Chips. It’s a Robber-Barons Market. And it all started during the February Freeze in Texas where $Billions were made on FREEZING TEXANS!. And after all of them got away with it, all the Money Market Manipulators have gone into full Operation.

Which Products will be the next ones to be raised in Price 400%-1000%? And it’s so damn easily done. Just stop sending it out here and Selling here and sell most of it Overseas. The Product here will jump hugely in Profits. Cost us a great amount more.

One season they did this for Strawberries.

Manipulation of the Market isn’t New. The Hunt Brothers tried to Manipulate the Silver Market once.

But no one is going to be charged Today with the latest manipulation of Computer Chips. No one in Texas did by legally Charging astronomical Rates per MW and the new GRID FIX there isn’t nothing more than Theatrical Politics. It’s gonna Happen again!