TALIBAN AFGHANISTAN! Will they Seek Vengeance upon 🇺🇸?

TALIBAN AFGHANISTAN! As soon as America leaves Afghanistan, the Taliban are set to retake it. FULLY RETAKE IT!

Without America’s Airpower, Afghanistan Troops have no Chance for Lack of Morale or a huge Upper Hand. But dang, twenty years is too long to stay in a Country after the Twin Towers fell.

But our Lust for Blood had to be fulfilled! BLOOD FOR BLOOD! America as a Nation was ready to go straight into HELL to avenge the many, many Deaths that the Airplanes crashing into the Buildings caused. And we demanded Blood! We demanded Revenge!

TWIN TOWERS being Ripped Apart by Passenger Plane Attacks.

And I think we got some Revenge. Will we be Attacked again? ABSOLUTELY! It’ll come. Where and When and How and by Whom is yet to be Determined. But make no mistake, it will come.

Democracy. 🇺🇸. And Americans are HATED all over the World. That’s right. We are not fully liked or Loved. We represent something many across the Globe want. And can’t have. So, people are more likely to attack that which they cannot HAVE.

But while Killing others in these Wars, we’ve created a huge swath of individuals, kids, and other generations who now want Our Blood. By killing their Kinfolk, they now wanna Kill us. For them, we were their Twin Towers.

But everyone should already realize that. And somehow, someway, they are gonna get back at 🇺🇸. But no one knows where which his why everyone must now be Vigilant and Keep Our Minds, Eyes, and Ears alert to those showing any Signs that they are here to Hurt Americans! Doesn’t matter when a FOOL got here. They could be in Sleeper Cells and something will or could Trigger them into Action against 🇺🇸.

Just wait. As soon as the Taliban take over Afghanistan, they will draw Radicals from everywhere ready to help them by making Bombs and Drones and weapons that will be planned for USE against America and Americans anywhere in the World. Folks, these are 20-Year Hardened Fighters and they will be seeking their Vengeance against 🇺🇸. And Countries with Money will help these Radicals and returning them into Radical Guerrilla Groups. Groups if Terrorists for HIRE!