Americans Indians Confederate Veterans!

American Indian Confederate Veterans!

An American Native. A Native American. An Indian! Was made a Brigadier General in the Army during the Civil War.

But you knew that. Right?

Stand Watie!

Stand Watie The bronze, bas-relief image of Cherokee General Stand Watie mounted on a slab of Georgia granite from the Confederate leader’s home state was donated by Oklahoma members of the United Daughters of the Confederacy and dedicated June 6, 1921, on the grounds of Tahlequah’s Cherokee Square.
Confederate Brigadier General Stand Watie

Promoted to Brigadier General in May, 1864, Watie was placed in charge of the Indian Cavalry Brigade, which was composed of the 1st and 2nd Cherokee Cavalry and battalions of Creek, Osage and Seminole. He achieved one of his greatest successes at Pleasant Bluff, Arkansas on June 10, 1864

And both sides used American Natives in their Armies!

Confederate Indians or Union Indians

And here’s just two Punishments used to correct the behavior of bad Soldiers