SIX YEARS ago, ‘SHATNER’S MIRACLE’ Presented by William Shatner was IGNORED by Do-Gooders!

A very serious Proposal by a Serious Visionaire.

SIX YEARS ago, a Great Idea was Presented by William Shatner and TOTALLY IGNORED!

SIX YEARS ago, ‘SHATNER’S MIRACLE’ Presented by William Shatner was IGNORED by Do-Gooders!

2015! Six years have gone by and the Upcoming Critical Water Supply Problem has gotten much, much, much worse. Far worse. Far Greater. And some are now thinking maybe there is an Issue. Finally are realizing it. Starting to Wake-Up.

And now, Lake Mead is quickly reaching a Disastrous Low Level of Water in it. And what Happens if you wait until EMERGENCY USE ONLY comes?

And many say-Hey, it’s on them and Not Me! Not my PROBLEM!

Is California ready for that? Is America’s Farm-belt Ready?

What a Damn shame if you feel that way? When you talking America, you talking all of us.

LAKE MEAD-Formed by the Hoover Dam on September 30, 1935, the reservoir serves water to the States of Arizona, California, and Nevada, as well as some of Mexico, providing sustenance to nearly 20 million people and large areas of farmland.

Folks, this is a very dangerous situation. And it is growing worse every year. And if there isn’t a proactive and Realistic Approach Realized ASAP by people just like you reading this, what the HELL we here for?

The sad Day is coming-

Line up daily for 10 gallons of Water?

Two Cases of Bottled Water per Week?

Is this the Picture that you are willing to wait for?

No water to Fight Fires with either. Sponge Bathing would become the New Norm. Man, some stinky folks for sure.

Folks, Lake Mead is in the Most Critical Planning Stage Solution to Lake Mead Possible. You Plan and begin an Active Program to get WATER TO LAKE MEAD! THERE IS NO TIME TO WAIT!

William Shatner didn’t just drop this Idea to the World from aboard a Star Ship. He and other Visionaries saw something far greater than they. They saw a strained Water System becoming strained beyond repair. Strained to the point of No Return.

But there is an IMMEDIATE SOLUTION at hand and it needs to become part of the Infrastructure Bill Biden is attempting to Pass. And this Pipeline needs to be FAST-TRACKED!


1,181 mi-Distance from Green River, Wyoming to Lake Superior

A massive Project on the Scale of the Alaskan Pipeline.

The End Results justify the Means. And would provide needed Work to thousands of laid-off Keystone Pipeline Workers!

Yes , Yes, a Superior-Green River pipeline seems unrealistic, even impossible at first glance. A massive fresh water bearing pipeline on the scale of the Trans-Alaska oil pipeline?

It would cost billions in pipeline construction and pumping stations. Seemingly endless red tape and governmental water rights hoops to jump through. Why would Minnesota, other Great Lakes states and Canada be willing to part with massive amounts of precious water?

This one Lake, Lake Superior, Holds 10% of all the freshwater in the World. And you want to argue whether borrowing some water is gonna Damage Lake Superior? No way. That is unrealistic.

The Big Question is this–Are there enough people willing to say-

Okay, Okay, let’s Do it! And to get America Onboard as well. And to get Washington Onboard!

Folks, I saw Dried up lakes and you cannot wait until you use all of your ground water supply after the lakes dry up. Once dried, that water zone is GONE.

So. I say do it…and sooner than later.

SHATNER’S MIRACLE! That’s what I’m calling it. But he is the man who brought this to the front. And 6 years ago would have been a good time to start on this. But it has to come about.

Let’s make it Happen!

This Project is MASSIVE and will take a lot of Time to build. But can you get ready for it? Serious Talking Time is NOW!