2020, a Year of Lawless Violence that has carried over into 2021! But is all of it part of a Plan?

Lawlessness was one of the Unexpected Issues from 2020. But that Lawless Violence has carried over right into 2021. Without a Hiccup. Straight into 2021 with even more Violence.

And for Cities and Any States that are Defunding your Police Departments, you can keep that right there in your Borders or City Limits.

Here in Texas, suddenly we have an unbelievable Issue with Migrants coming to America. No, not to Texas, but to America. And America is forcing Texas to put up a Damn Wall that Texans never Needed.

TEXAS ISN’T AFRAID OF WHAT’S COMING ACROSS THE BORDER! We been knowing that Shit all our lives. But Trump Scared all Y’all with unbelievable Tales of Evil Things, evil shit creeping across the Border. And he convinced you that all Y’all Outside of Texas NEEDED A WALL!


Arresting and then placing Them in a Texas Prison sure seems Unlawful for anyone crossing the Border. And taking TDCJ Funds to pay for His Wall is unlawful? Misuse of Funds? Trump taking Military Funds and now, Abbott taking Texas Prison Funds sure seem very Unlawful.

And he took a TON of Money right out of the Military’s Budget to Start Building it. And now, Abbott’s taken a TON of Money out of the Texas Prison Budget to keep Building a Damn Wall that’s so intertwined in Political BULLSHIT that’s it’s not even FUNNY! But he’s really trying to get that Ice Storm where Texans FROZE TO DEATH.


What you need to be scared of is that Damn Wall keeping you IN when they KILL DEMOCRACY! And they are working ON it! And they are Killing Democracy all over the World. Countries with Dictators are stomping on the fingers of anyone who like Freedom if the Press and Free Speech.

China is just starting to CLAMP DOWN! ON HONG KONG! And it’s not going to stop until it is a WASTELAND. They will destroy any glimpse of anything that looks like Democracy! Movies. Newspapers. People in the Streets. All of them are going into Prisons and Re-Education Work Camps as I write this.

The World is turning into a World of COMMUNISM. Not DEMOCRACY! All the times you asked yourself why they are doing this or that is some this-Democracy is being Secretly taken from all of 🇺🇸. It damn sure is. While you stand staunchly behind a Politician Waving an American Flag, You better look closely at all his or her Trips to Russia and other Communist Blocks.

They are not all that they seem to be anymore. No, they are slipping more towards Communism. Pure and Simple. And you think you can identify them. BULLSHIT! But when they put a Dictator in Place and give him a 12 year Term, It’ll be Over!

That will be the Real True identifying Factor that Democracy has Died. And Secret Plans to do exactly what I just mentioned are being discussed in Secret Meetings. Lots and Lots of Secret Meetings.

For years, we’ve been on a slow steady path toward the same communist society as China, Russia, North Korea, Cuba and other repressive regimes have. Many in academia, media and politics have worked to indoctrinate our young people and others with the idea that socialism is compassionate and makes everyone’s outcome in life equal through legislation.


And the Communist Party has seen a 4000% Increase in Membership in the last Four Years! And new Secret Names now. And do you Care at all? You got your Pot to Smoke. So stay High and sit back for a bad head spin ahead.

And maybe you should treat this like a Debate Class and you have to take the America is Turning Communist. And do your research and get ready to be shocked.

Maybe you should start caring. Socialism is Not the Cure. It is the Stepping Stone to Communism. And Totalitarian Control. And it’s where the Billionaires OPENLY dictate Their Will upon the Populous. You know the rest of 🇺🇸. Then what do you think the New Name for America would be? And man, talk about some Violent Civil War Days that would come also. No, it won’t be a Just Do it Thing. It’ll be a Violent Thing. Lots and Lots of Violence. And is it Coming?

Sure seems to be. People wanting Equality to be just Given to them have no Idea that they are Asking for Pure Socialism to get that. Then, it’s just a bump over and these crybabies will be suckered into Communism. Oh hell yeah it will. And it’s taking place right now!

And when they March the Military up your Butt, you’ll be Afraid to Stand-Up against it.

Marshal Law is going to be Called in Place within the next ten Years. And I’m afraid an Open Warfare on Race will take place as well in the new Communism World of America. But can’t you see these quirky things taking place too? It’s right there in front of all of 🇺🇸. They aren’t even hiding it at all. And if you ASK, they’ll Lie to you. And they’ll put you on Their List of Undesirables.

And when you give Fools the ability to do whatever they want, they’ll run with that rope around their necks until they hang themselves like rabbits in a snare trap. And these Violent Fools are doing so much unbelievable Violence that they are playing into the Communists Hands.

And these Communists will come out with Plans to fix it and you won’t care how until Your own Rights have been weakened. Yes. Weakened at first and Taken entirely later.

It’s all a Stepping Stone System. All the way until good little boys and good little girls are good little Communists!

Can yiu dig it? But will you accept it? Better WAKE-UP, its coming…but don’t let it happen!

Refuse to Accept Communism!

A WWII German Leaflet dropped to American Troops!