Have any ANTI-VAXXers Killed other Americans?

I’m completely for a person’s right to get or not get any Vaccine. But to go on a Soap Box preaching NEVER GET ANY is way out in the Loony Toon World. Diseases are for real. And what you do us what you do. But please Keep your Anti-VAXX Bullshit away from me and My Family.

Here’s what happened to me as a child-

Oral polio vaccine — About 1 in 2.4 million recipients of the oral polio vaccine, which is no longer used in the U.S., were paralyzed following vaccination when the vaccine virus reverted to “wild type” polio virus. And I was one. This happened when genetic changes to weaken the virus in the lab were lost during viral replication in the vaccine recipient. Paralysis occurred about seven to 30 days (one to four weeks) after vaccination. Because vaccine recipients “shed” the virus in their stools, on occasion, contacts of these people would be paralyzed when they were infected, and the genetic reversion occurred in them. This secondary event could happen up to 60 days (eight to nine weeks) after the first person was vaccinated (because it took time for the virus to spread to the next person).

When I became paralyzed, my mind tried to unravel the mystery behind what was going on with my body. Why did my body just up and quit working?

This happened to me. It is kind of scary to think about and some memories are still bothersome when I ponder them. And I’ve ran into only one other person who this happened to as well.


But sure, some Hospital stays are memorable. And for a kid, mine was.

Having been beaten viciously in the Hospital Toy Room was a memory. And not being able to defend myself still haunts me.

Being wheeled around in a wheelchair is a memory.

I’d look in the window at the fellow child lying inside of the Iron Lung and they’d look back at me. We just stared at each other. Parents, the Adults, Were the only ones talking.

Stopping and staring into the faces of fellow children in the IRON LUNGS that were lined-up along the hallway walls is a frightful memory. I do wonder if they lived or died.

Seeing the nurses in their all White dresses with the White Hats.

Getting a two cracker pack of Saltines that they used to give in Restaurants. They were just on the table like sugar salt and pepper were too. But they skip the Crackers today. Some used to give them with Soup or Salad.

Observing my Uncle play Army Man with the green plastic Army Toy pack he bought. He played his War Games on my bare chest.

I mostly remember being like an Observer who only observed and never talked. The Adults did all the talking. It seems so dream-like. Back then it seemed like a strange dream that I couldn’t wake-up from.

Then, the paralyzing went away and home I went. It was a strange time. Very strange. Trying to find out about it Today is still a mystery. No one wants to admit to a Screw-up. But my mother wrote about it and even her writing shows she either denied what it was or repeated the Lies about what it was that they were telling her and telling all the parents of all the paralyzed children.

But strange to be reading more of the truth now.

Dr. Albert Sabin, right, whose live polio vaccine is now being tested extensively throughout the world, is shown at Cincinnati’s Children’s Convalescent Hospital with Mark Stacey, 5, who contracted paralytic polio last summer, Dec. 17, 1959. With them are Dr. Walter Langsam, center, president of the University of Cincinnati. (AP Photo/Harvey Eugene Smith)

The only rare
serious adverse events associated with Oral Polio Vaccine or OPV are the occurrence of vaccine-associated paralytic
poliomyelitis (VAPP) and the emergence of vaccine-derived polioviruses (VDPVs). The Polio Vaccine is still not Vaccine Proof. No, not 100%.

While acknowledging Salk’s mean-spiritedness towards colleagues, Offit believes that in denying him a Nobel prize, history has dealt harshly with a man who was `the first to do many things’ that have contributed to the virtual eradication of polio in the USA. The “Cutter Incident” led to the replacement of Salk’s formaldehyde-treated vaccine with Sabin’s attenuated strain. Though Sabin’s vaccine had the advantages of being administered orally and of fostering wider `contact immunity’, it could also be re-activated by passage through the gut, resulting in occasional cases of polio (still causing paralysis in six to eight children every year in the 1980s and 1990s, when a modified Salk vaccine was re-introduced). As Offit observes, `ironically, the Cutter incident—by creating the perception among scientists and the public that Salk’s vaccine was dangerous —led in part to the development of a polio vaccine that was more dangerous’.


Once some children had in fact been harmed by the shot, obfuscation by government officials, clumsy explanations and delayed responses engulfed the entire production and distribution process in confusion and suspicion. Trust in the government and the vaccine eroded accordingly. Gallup polls found that by June 1955, almost half of the parents who responded said they would not take any further vaccine shots – and the full regimen of polio inoculation required three doses. In 1958, some drug companies halted production, citing “public apathy.” It wasn’t surprising to see a startling upsurge in polio in 1959, doubling cases from the previous year.


So, again, after much thought, I do not harbor any Hate for what happened to me. But I’m never personally 100% behind the taking of any Vaccine. But I don’t preach DON’T TAKE THE VACCINE to anyone. Never have and never will. I take all I need or believe I needed to take.

No Vaccine is perfectly Safe for every person. But today, I believe the risk of Death from Covid are very real and if you are Fat and have other health issues, I’d recommend getting the Covid Vaccine. And decide by yourself and not on the advice of anyone else. But don’t yell for others to not take a Vaccine because you aren’t gonna take it. You’re convincing another person Not to get the Covid Vaccine could get them KILLED. DEAD! You cannot dictate that to others. But Inmates are subjected to the rules of their Captors.

I got Moderna and both Shots. I plan to Get the Booster too when it becomes necessary. I think you should too. But sure, read the information on all Recommendations when you should NOT get the Covid Vaccine. But make your Decision based on Rational & Honest thought and not advice from those who never get any Vaccinations and only advise for you to never get any Vaccines either.

It’s sad. Over 600,000 Americans would love to have had a Vaccine. But now they are DEAD! DEAD from Covid. And more will die too of Covid. Will you? I hope not.

Some people just have-

And in that time, they find time to mess with your mind on dang near everything…