Are Americans so lost in “Lack of Sex”, so they are now substituting Novelties for their Brain Stimuli?

Lack of Sex is a bad thing. And in a Pandemic, Millions went to Playing with themselves. Sex Toy Sales increased 600%. Toys used in a Solo sexual endeavor. Nope, no partner needed. To Heck Worth a lover, they got a name for their Sex Toy. But let’s look deeper-is it now we seek Brain Excitement that has replaced Sex Excitement? And here’s what is replacing it?

“One of the most effective ways to achieve mass appeal,” he observed, “turned out to be by turning to the extreme.” 

Who cares if it’s even true? As “The Hype Machine” author Sinan Aral explains of his research, “Novelty attracts human attention because it is surprising and emotionally arousing…. False news was indeed more novel than the truth, and people were more likely to share novel information.” The more extreme, the more arousing the information is, the brighter it lights up our brains.

I love that-The more extreme, the more arousing the information is, the brighter it lights up our brains.

And we now are lagging in the ole Sex Department. It has become very apparent that when Anal Sex took off, sooner or later, people would get tired of that Shit. And they did. Ass Sex just took a backstage. And the Sex Toy is now taking Center Stage.

And there are now Sex Toy Home Sales where Demonstrators come to your home to a group of your requests and visually, no not actually, they show how to use these New Sex Market Devices. And what the Customer can expect to experience. Climaxing and Coming and those few seconds of ecstasy are lacking in America with a real, living Sexual Partner. And what happens NEXT?

You get a more pissed-off, easy to anger, Ready to Fight Populous.

A Populous that is not learning how to show empathy through partner feel good sex. Hey, there is No Substitute for the real thing no matter how pretty that Toy is. Being touched and held does make a difference.

So, spend some time and find a good partner to have lots of Sex with before this Pandemic does you in…ain…and love each other.