Why Texas is boxed into its own Corner lacking Good Energy Conservation?


Texas is its own worse enemy any way you explain it when it comes to Saving and Conserving Electrical Energy. And planning New Plants too are way behind the Times. But too Often. The Level of Corruption in building a New Power Plant is beyond pure Piracy. Try Building a New Nuclear Plant and it’ll easily go past 1-3 Billion Dollars over Budget.

But the Biggest Enemy is LACK OF PROPER INSULATION! Texas Homes are lacking proper Insulation prior to 2016. And some are barely paper thin. In many, Insulation was totally overlooked. And when they did it. They cheated and just put up Insulation Boards and nothing more. And the Homes are letting Cold Air Out and Outside Air in.

Homes that could have seen $50 a month electrical Bills were Builder Swindled of proper Insulation and the Monthly Payments are instead near $400 a month on some of these poorly insulated Homes. Man, who does that? Builders do. Carpenters do. It’s a Racket that was allowed to go unscathed.

And now. Texas is squandering like a group of Pigs in a shallow pool of water and the water is evaporating. For some, $900 monthly Electric Bills are Shocking beyond compare.

Some insulation Installers lack proper Training and some are Lazy. Lazy takes the easy way every time.

And when a Home has a Blower Test done to identify Real Leaks in Windows and Doors and Walls, the Owner will see what needs to be done. But fixing many 8f8f these insulation deficiencies are Costly. And some are surprisingly Cheap.

What should Texas do with all of this Money being given to States and Cities and they scratch their Heads on trying to figure out How to Use the Money, FIX THESE INSULATION BARREN HOMES first before it goes to a Poop poop Project of Wasteful Spending.

Drop the Politics and FIX what has to be FIXED! Identify Homes needing good insulation and fix it. At no cost to the Homeowners. This is a great Investment into the State’s Future.

Just Shooting in $400 of Insulation in the Ceiling is a Huge Plus. Put in Double or Triple Pane Windows. Insulated Doors. Redo the Door Seals on all outer Wall Doors.

Instead of spending huge chunks of your paycheck on an Electric Bill, FIX IT!

Get your Home checked out and FIX IT!

Look at these pics. Can you identify the Problem? Something is being Left out and it shouldn’t be…