Visiting a Native American Reservation in America is a highly Cherished Educational Tour. You’re NEXT!

11 Tourist-Friendly Native Indian Reservations That Are Open To Value Travelers

My father took our family to Visit Historical Places. But one of the ones not discussed Today is Visiting the Original Americans. Who? Native Americans. My own Grandfather was 1/2 Indian and he HATED being Called Half-Breed. But are you up for a Tour back into History?

I know, you never gave it much thought. You hear of Indian Reservations and Casinos. But they all don’t have them. But skip the Casinos and make Your Family’s Native American Trip a Cultural Outing. And go with the understanding to find the Truths. Yes, some Truths I warn you are quite cringing and quite horrific. But we cannot Ignore Our Past-both the Good and the Bad.

But how do I recommend you to Visit? Pay the Money! Pay for a Tour Guide and Go with the mindset that you do want to Learn. And Learn you shall. But know where you are going by doing your Research. Know any forbidden Items that People in your Group might do. And no, it’s not like in the Movies you see of Indians and Cowboys and Soldiers and Settlers fighting each other. No. You are gonna hear some of what you don’t want to hear or stuff that might shock you. Maybe even the God’s Truth.

But everyone needs and should know both sides of any stories of Conflict. But thought a second or Two and a think seriously about Visiting an Indian Reservation. Or two. Or three.

In his annual address to Congress in 1833, Jackson denounced Indians, stating, “They have neither the intelligence, the industry, the moral habits, nor the desire of improvement which are essential to any favorable change in their condition. Established in the midst of another and a superior race…they must necessarily yield to the force of circumstances and ere [before] long disappear.”

But what’s your Viewpoint Today? You Agree with Andrew Jackson? Or do you wanna go and see what finally Happened to the Native Americans? Their History?

Go do it. It’ll be fun…very educational. Make it a Guided Tour! By a Real Native American. Take lots of money and buy lots of Presents…Do your part to be asked back.