I firmly believe in the Power of Prayer…many do also. Many do not.


Historic drought in California and the West is getting Biblical: What to know.


Photo by Rachel Claire on Pexels.com

If you’ve never seen a severe Drought, it’s not pretty. And as a young man, I watched one of the worst in West Texas. And seeing dead and dying animals is just not a pretty sight. At times, I sat on the Bank of Lake Santa Fe and watched week by week as the water receded to the very center. Then, that small amount of water turned muddy as the remaining fish swam and swam in a mad swim. And They died. Some tried to lay board atop the mud and reach them. I did it too. And if you slide off a board, the mud was almost waist deep and hard to pull yourself out.

But then, the remaining water dried up and a few week later, I walked to the middle. There the dead fish lay. And other lake type critters remains were there too. It was a pretty sight and still had a foul bait shop smell. But there they were. Dead. All were dead. Small and Large and all were Dead. Just DEAD. And other critter tracks were in the myth of predators going to get them a fish. But Their claws reached deep in the mud but they learned how-to get unstuck from the stinking mud too.

And It lasted a couple of years. It seemed like it lasted forever. It really felt that way. And much of the grass disappeared and the trees lost their leaves.

But don’t give up Hope!

When the Rain came, so did the grass and the Trees were still alive. They hadn’t died. But it sure seemed like a long time for God to answer our Prayers. It took years. And farmers survived until their water wells for irrigation went dry too. The lakes filled back up. But the underground water never returned. They sucked them wells completely dry. Drier than Hades itself I reckon. But it was a time that you were forced to realize the complete immense picture of Life and How man and animal and all forms of life are intertwined. And I think animals know we are in control of their living and their dying. Maybe that’s why animals are mostly scared of us. All of us. But there are exceptions to the RULE. The following sight has a Mule Deer story that I found very endearing. Not many men can say they did what this one Man did.


You know, I wondered what affect all the fires in California would have and the other States in the Region. And the constant daily dipping planes and Helicopters into Lakes to gather up fire fighting Waters. They had to take a Toll as well. And the Farmers and Vineyards. And the Orchards and the Cities all crying out for more Water. And then comes the Big QUESTIONS-Who gonna Dial-Up that Prayer that God will Hear? Who’s turn is it? Mine? Yours? Or Ours?

In the years that have come and gone, I see more and more walking away from the Religious Teachings like they weren’t gonna Help nobody. But I can only say this-Prayer has always worked in my life. And I always feel that I’m tuned into the Right Zone or Channel when I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit with me.

No, I’m not perfect and I’ve never seen a Perfect Person. But Praying is a great thing to do. And GOD’S OFFICE is Open 24/7.

But don’t go searching for Answers to fall into your lap. It doesn’t work that way. You’ll know when your Prayer is being Answered. And Me?

I pray every day for Everyone in the World. And why? I believe God Likes Big Prayers. No, I’m not praying but a few minutes each day and I even Posted it for you. And I’ve added some to it even. But listen to it if you care To and modify it for yourself to fit who you are.

And you need to be kind to your Enemies. God sees all of us and what we do.

But let’s get those Big Prayers going and ask GOD to end the Drought out West. We can do this and it’ll take a ton of Prayers. Be one who did your part. And we’ll see each other in Heaven.